Ashley the Pirate [v0.4.9.4] By YioruYioru

YioruYioru Games released a new game called Ashley the Pirate and the version is The game’s story is about This game has a pirate theme, and the plot is about a princess who ends up suffering a “shipwreck” and ends up in a village, she is in search of her father, and will do anything to find him, even become a pirate!​

Developer: YioruYioru
File Size: 710.6 MB
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New GreenKing Event with Mizumi Peeping Scene
  • New Peeping Event for Sarah at Night

v0.4.6.4 (Christmas Update)

  • Christmas Dress
  • One new scene
  • New Christmas Island Themed(Natal Island: Available after getting the boat)
  • 4 Events in Santa’s factory.
  • 2 Random Sleep Events in Santa’s factory.
  • New NPC Aragama – Will chase Ashley if she is naked in the night (Emper City – Main District)
  • New NPC Arbor The Centaur WIP(No Sex events)


  • PrisonEscape SoftLock Fixed

v0.4.6.3 Fix

  • SexSleepScene Remake
  • SideMissionary Scene
  • (Optional Choice when Default Scene Happens)
  • Lyla Peeping Scene
  • (How to activate the Lyla event:
  • you need to enter and exit the Granpine INN 2 or3 times.)
  • New NPC Drakfou Added in Rich District (Outside) and inside Rich INN in the Night

Developer Notes:

This game has CG scenes and pixel animations. The battle mode is like Chrono Trigger style. This is version 0.1 of the game, and I don’t have a specific date to finish it, I leave the demo of the game for you to test!

Game Images & Screenshots


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