Attack on Survey Corps [v0.13.3 Beta] By AstroNut

AstroNut Games released a new game called Attack on Survey Corps and the version is 0.13.3 Beta. The game’s story is about is a game set in the Attack on Titan universe. In the game, you’ll meet a lot of familiar (and fuckable) characters, quests, and stories to follow.​

Developer: AstroNut
File Size: 466.5 MB
Version: 0.13.3 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • First of all. It’s still BETA!
  • It means the work is still going on and there’s quite a lot of work left.
  • We’re wrapping up Hange’s branch (just one scene left) and then moving on to night scenes (the night scenes with Annie are already in the process).

At the moment, we’ve added the following content:

* Revamped some of the first scenes with Mikasa.
* The Instructor’s branch has been updated, new events with her!
* Annie’s branch has been updated. A whole new sequence of different events with her where you have to raise her LUST bar.
* A new event in Christa’s branch

What’s left to do:

  • * Finish Annie’s branch. One more huge scene is yet to be added
  • * Add Hange’s branch. Will be added in the next few days
  • * Add night scenes.
  • * Continuation of showers room random encounter


0.11.4 Update Official Release

  • Hey there, guys!
    I think we’re finally done with this update, more or less 
  • We’ll update the build in the next few days but it’ll be a few small things.

v0.11.0 Beta

  • First of all, we’ve updated two stories for the girls, you’ll easily see new events just by following the journal hints!
    However, the biggest change at the moment are new events at the shower room/steam room!
  • Go to both of these locations at SUNSET. In the steam room, click on the window and you’ll see an option to hide. I think you’ll figure it out from there.
    As for showers, it’s easier. You’ll see someone taking a shower, click on the stall 
  • Since I’m writing this, I’d like to thank all of you who play our game, enjoy it, and leaves positive reviews. I truly appreciate all of that.


  • 1. Some of the older backgrounds/scenes were completely redrawn and updated. (sleeping with Christa in particular)
  • 2. A new event with our lovely Instructor!
  • 3. The appearance of a new character that’s iconic to the series! ^^
  • 4. The continuation of Ymir/Christa’s stories! A bunch of new events!
  • 5. The new mini-game with Christa! Keep in mind, the more options for interactions are unlocked the more you play the mini-game!
  • 6. All girls’ sprites are redrawn! There’s still some work left in this area, but nothing major. We’ll update it in one of the next small bug fix updates.
  • 7. New night scenes with Sasha/Annie/Elsa! Now, for Elsa’s new night scene, you need to enter her night scenes and then there’ll be option to roll her over to her tummy! For Annie, you need to first tire her out! Talk to her at the training grounds and there’ll be such an option! For Sasha, we’ve added one of the previously blocked night options with her!
  • 8. Two random events. Now you can go showering during midday. Make sure to do that!
  • 9. The journal’s been updated as well
  • Hange’s branch will be reworked and be brought back in one of the next updates, folks! I’m sorry for any inconvenience! Hope for your understanding.


  • 1. Revamped UI of main menu/save/load/preference menu
  • 2. New events with Annie including you training with her/helping her stretch
  • 3. Two H-scenes with Annie
  • 4. A scene where you peek at Mikasa in the shower
  • 5. Revamped characters size sprite to make dialogues feel a bit more intimate
  • 6. A huge new quest line with Mikasa. TO ACCESS IT YOU NEED TO HAVE FINISHED ALL OTHER BRANCHES!
  • 7. H-scenes with Elsa/Historia/Ymir
  • 8. New night scenes with Ymir (becomes accessible after Mikasa’s newest branch)/Elsa’s new night option that was previously locked
  • 9. Some of the old arts were redrawn (backgrounds for Sasha’s training sequence/Sasha’s sleeping art/MC peeking at Instructor)
  • 10. New girl greeting you at the main menu
  • 11. Small bug fixes/edits to the journal

Developer Notes:

Hi there. We’re a small team of three people wishing to bring you a game set in an anime setting. Keep in mind that the game is a fan-based parody.

We have nothing to do with the original series owned by Hajime Isayama. Please, support the official release of the upcoming last anime season.

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