Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery [v0.08] By Screwthename

Screwthename Games released a new game called Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery and the version is 0.08. The game’s story is about Meet Lothar, who just became a fully-fledged Mage, specializing in body transformation; and Illonia, a busty mage that relies more on her body than her magic to end combats. With their respective talents, they can safely roam in this sex-crazed world, in search of new partners to follow them in their original adventures! Make your enemies succumb to their primal lust by altering bodies to their liking and fuck your way through. Or just let them have the upper hand, and who knows? Maybe they’ll be worth the shot.

But in the end, only you can really decide who will be part of the fun. (Previous title : Here comes the Messer, so no one gets confused)

Developer: Screwthename
File Size: 3.92 GB
Version: 0.08
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

0.08 :

  • Extended scene with the Watcher, you can now decide to turn Illonia into a futa and have a threesome.
  • New scene for the “Relax a bit” skill, a whole new scene with Illonia’s new model
  • New animations for the “Tease” skill. Now adapted with Illonia’s new body. Each anim is different depending of her transformations
  • Slightly reworked Illonia’s new sprite. She now has rounder boobas and more realistic nipples
  • Fixed a major bug preventing everyone to access the memory shard, and the way to unlock scene you missed in the gallery. It’s now working
  • Remade the pics for the watcher scene animations, so Illonia stop moving. It looked weird
  • Remade the pics for Illonia’s boobs transformation anims. Her pussy was really blank (even if it’s not the focus). It’s now looking much better
  • Reworked the lewd crest main quest, so that the Watcher play automatically when making the first step
  • Drastically expanded the gallerry, so you can see all pictures and scenes present in the game
  • Fixed some old bugs that I didn’t noticed before, where some tranformations wouldn’t correctly appear on the character
  • Small fixes and bugs, as always

0.07 :

  • Illonia’s new model !!! Most of the update revolves around it
  • Big animation of Illonia transforming
  • Big scene with Lothar and Illonia trying out that new body
  • Update to all Illonia’s standing pics, combat pics and all, to fit the new model
  • 10 new pics to buy from the gnome
  • Added a repeatable scene with The Watcher (triggers at random when sleeping after Illonia’s transformation)
  • Added a way to unlock scenes in the gallery if you didn’t followed the road to have them (this way you can have a full gallery in one run)
  • Added all the combat scenes to the gallery
  • Fixes here and there, as usual

Developer Notes:

And it’s a new update done ! This time it didn’t took as long (it’s still some time though), but it’s clearly not as content-heavy as the others. But hey, I hope you’ll still enjoy it ! Oh yeah, also ! Those tits and cock are too big. I know. That’s the way I like them (same for my supporters). If you’re turned off by the proportions, then the game just isn’t for you. Sorry, but there’s plenty of games with more traditionnal proportions for you to play, while us big curves lovers have really few. That’s kinda why I made this game in the first place ^^ So no, the tits won’t be smaller, they can only grow around here 😉

Game Images & Screenshots


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