Battle Sisters [v0.5.5] By VVTS, Tentacles san and art

VVTS, Tentacles san and art Games released a new game called Battle Sisters and the version is 0.5.5. The game’s story is about The world of science and magic, whose rulers in search of secrets of the universe, opened the door to their world to those who had almost enslaved all nations. After hundreds of years, it is time to restore civilization, whether a sister warrior.., or a powerful monster.​

Developer: VVTS, Tentacles san and art
File Size: 843 MB
Version: 0.5.5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Note: this version is essentially a transfer of the game to a more updated version of the game engine.

● Project transferred from RPG Maker MV to RPG Maker MZ
● Quick Battle (under development)
● Several new visual battle scenes
● The standard battle interface has been redesigned to make combat more convenient.
(The standard interface in RPG Maker MZ took up half the screen).
● Minor improvements and fixes.


  • Several events related to Blossom’s overabundance of biological waste have been completed.
  • limit 15
  • Completed several events involving an overabundance of contaminated flesh in Blossom’s body.
  • limit 25
  • Both the first and second events can now be helped by an organ: the Swordtail
  • (will help in the most unpleasant events)
  • Fixed a bug where you could get tentacles from hound bodies instead of members.
  • Medicines now slightly destroy infected flesh in a monster’s body.
  • You can now see visual scenes when you click on units (including slave girls).
  • Done!
  • Now when a unit member dies, they disappear instead of being left hanging as a useless appendage.
  • Now when a squad member dies, you can regenerate them with your units. (If there are no resources, regeneration is not possible.)
  • The Force Crisis is ready!
  • (More precisely, its initial, trial version).
  • Small fixes

Developer Notes:

  • That’s true, and I’m mostly working on Katia,
  • But for a number of reasons that are described in the game, I
  • decided to publish all the material I was working on for Battle Sisters.
  • There was (and probably still is) a danger that I would not be able to continue the project for physical reasons.
  • But that danger has appeared for every citizen of my
  • country in the last two months.
  • Publishing the first version of “The Fighting Sisters”
  • is a principled decision.

Game Images & Screenshots


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