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BeasthunterUniverse Games released a new game called Beasthunter and the version is The game’s story is about A world full of evil awaits you. Can you save this world from being plunged into darkness, or is it already too late? Can you save those that you care about, or will they become slaves to corruption? Find out the fate of the young princess Rose, who is seeking her sister that went missing in a land far away.

Developer: BeasthunterUniverse
File Size: 13.66 GB
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • replaced 2 old placehholder levels with new maps
  • 2 entirely new locations
  • new AI Patrol System
  • new Enemy Spawn system
  • day/night prototype system for AI (limited to 1 specific area for now)
  • upgrade of the skill/magic System to ease further development
  • new magic spells
  • homing projectiles with Enemy detection
  • destructable props (prototype)
  • Ore Mining/Mining system
  • weapon bench (upgrade system prototype)
  • new interaction with Mechanic Girl = deliver mysterious boulders (can be obtained with Mining), she will use her tools to open the boulders up, can drop rare ores for weapon upgrades
  • overhaul of the quest system
  • new quests
  • lockpick prototype
  • 2 new characters with Questlines
  • 3 new enemy types (female Elf paladin with breakable armor // young scorpion// scorpion babies)
  • Introduction of the Trap-system
  • Introduction of the Pregnancy system
  • Character customisation prototype
  • 1 new armor set
  • Introduction of rare/special loot items mixed with Exploration of the new levels
  • new defeat scenario in deep cave
  • new slavery defeat scenario (in progress)
  • new scenario in dungeon (in progress)
  • 1 new nsfw animation in total (spider web) —- milkmachine/pillory is started, but will be added in 0.1.3 due to technical issues
  • reworked loading screen to optimize the game
  • 60 fps lock for smooth framerate
  • movable camera with number-pad
  • sand and water physics system (currently in 1 level)
  • interactive book/note/letter system


Important controls: (there are more, press ” * ” ingame to see full list)
U=Equipment menu / hover over a slot and press x to unequip
I= Inventory
J=Quest Journal

Combat: Space=dodge / Struggle
left mouse=attack
right mouse=block
Tab=change Tool
f=use tool
R=toggle combat mode

Get a savepoint:
Get a house to activate a save point, there are 2 houses

How to not get attacked by guards in the city:
Guards will attack you in the Military district when wearing armor or weapon
Guards will also attack you if you owe someone in the town money (Negative money amount)

Find all sex scenes:
List is outdated!

Dungeon fingering.
How to find the animation: Pick a fight with the guards in the homevillage, once you reach 0 health you will wake up in the dungeon, there is a 69% chance for a guard to spawn.

Fucked from behind.
How to find the animation: Pick a job in the stripclub, everytime you are done with dancing, there is a chance for a special event to trigger, there you can randomly get the “from behind” animation or you can pick it yourself.

Forced blowjob.
How to find the animation: Most guards have a chance to use this as a grab attack. It can also be found in the same way you can find the “from behind” animation.

the owner of a house you can stay in..for a price. Scene can also be found in the stripclub again.

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