Become Taxi Driver [v0.39] By Neptuno

v0.31b Games released a new game called Become Taxi Driver and the version is 0.39. The game’s story is about You’ll start out as a 26-year-old who’s never left home, but that all changes when you buy (or steal) an amulet that contains the soul of a beautiful woman. She’s a veteran taxi driver who takes you out of your comfort zone and teaches you the ropes of the profession.

Your car has plenty of features that you can improve. Are you worried about having an accident? Invest in brakes. Are you superstitious? Increase your level of luck. You like speed? Make your engine roar. No matter what your style is, your car will adapt. So get out on the street and show everyone that you’re the best taxi driver in town! (Or second best, if you’re feeling modest.) ​

Developer: Neptuno
File Size: 40.7 MB
Version: 0.39
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • x2 Extra scenes (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • The cheats now have a short description (For Supports) Thanks <3
  • 4th attempt to fix the files not displaying correctly in the maids mini-game
  • Old media-pack button in left menu with obsolete checker removed
  • New media-pack indicator now displayed in the left menu
  • New function enabled in the kitchen: Prepare a potion
  • New potion: Courage Overdose
  • Reduced the number of times you need to talk to a main character to trigger an event
  • Some typos fixed
  • x6 New generic events in the event “Sneak into Alexa’s mansion”
  • x1 New guide: Put it in and shake it up
  • x1 New maid added: Naya
  • x3 New events with: Naya
  • x3 New events with: Lettie
  • x2 New events with: Numi
  • x2 New events with: Dexter
  • x2 New events with: Brittney
  • x1 New event with: Maya
  • x1 New event with: The girl in the library


  • Event Tracker (For +$10 Supports) Thanks <3
  • Extra scene: Help Maria with her math test
  • New feature implemented: Buy and read guidebooks
  • The hospital and stripping mini-games are now easier
  • x8 New events with: Caroline
  • x6 New random events of 2 variants (Sneak into Alexa’s Mansion)
  • x2 New random events of 1 variants (Sneak into Alexa’s Mansion)
  • x4 New events with: Skylar
  • x3 New events with: Alexa
  • x3 New events with: Lena
  • x3 New events with: Maria
  • x1 New event with: Scarlett
  • x2 New events with: Harold
  • x2 New events with: Dexter
  • x1 New events with: Numi
  • x1 New event with: Carlos
  • x1 New repeatable multi-decision event: Help Maria with her math test
  • x1 New unlockable and purchasable guide (Get in and out, they won’t see you)
  • x1 New unlockable and purchasable guide (The Pythagorean Theorem)
  • x1 New tip added
  • New car added: (4 colors, 3 bodies in each color)
  • When you need to talk to Lya, and she asks to have x15 strength, it is now more descriptive to remember that you must also complete a pending quest
  • When you need to talk to Skylar, it is now more descriptive in reminding you that you must also complete a pending quest
  • Images and videos of the maids were not displaying correctly on some websites – Fixed
  • Other small bugs and typos – Fixed

Developer Notes:

All game artwork has been properly licensed by each artist ^^

Game Images & Screenshots


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