Behind The Curtain [Chapter 1] [Rauko]

Behind The Curtain is a story of choices and the inevitable consequences of those choices – both good and bad. These choices can affect relationships within the story and also shape the way the narrative unfolds as you play through.
As such it’s important when faced with a choice that is has meaning. That we need to stop and think about which path we should take.
That’s where Ironman mode comes in.
Behind The Curtain is best played when we make our choices and then live or die by what happens next. If we are to make a choice and aren’t too happy with the result of that choice and are able to rollback and make another choice – then Behind The Curtain loses one of the pillars it’s built upon.
As such it’s advised to play Behind The Curtain in Ironman mode so that the choices and decisions you make on behalf of the characters actually mean something.
When starting a new play through you have a choice similar to the one you made when you decided to play a Censored, Softcore or Hardcore version of your game .. You choose to play in Ironman mode or not. However, unlike when you choose your level of Porn, you won’t be able to switch to or from Ironman once your play through has started.
So what does playing Ironman mode entail?

No Rollbacks
Anybody familiar with a Visual Novel built in something like Ren’py will know that one of the features that exists is the ability to rollback dialogue and choices so you can follow a more desirable path if you didn’t like the outcome of the original choice you took.

In Behind The Curtain Ironman – no such option exists. Ok .. you CAN still roll back through dialogue to double check what’s been said – but only back to when a choice had last been made. You won’t be able to go back to the choice itself or any dialogue before that.

No Manual Saves
With each new dialogue Behind The Curtain auto-saves your current progress and no other type of saving is allowed whether that’s a manual save through the menus or via Quick Save. Again, this is to ensure the Ironman environment and prevents players saving when faced with a choice that needs to be made and allowing them to roll back to before the choice.

Achievements Unlocked
Achievements, Trophies or Gallery entries – call them what you will – but there are goodies to unlock while on a play through of Behind The Curtain. The goodies can ONLY be unlocked while playing Ironman. If you decide to play a Non-Ironman game then you won’t be unlocking any of the achievements or trophies.

Can We Play Non-Ironmam?
You can certainly play a Non-Ironman play through of Behind The Curtain if you so wish but I would recommend that for a second play through and have your Ironman save as what you use in future chapters.
In Non-Ironman – you’ll be able to rollback and save like any other Visual Novel you’ve played .. you just won’t be able to unlock any achievements!
But just remember – when you start a new play through whether you choose Ironman or Non-Ironman – you won’t be able to change it once you start.

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