Bindr: Kink dating [v0.1.3] By bindr

bindr Games released a new game called Bindr: Kink dating and the version is 0.1.3. The game’s story is about Bindr is a dating app simulation game where you take on the challenge of courting the women you match within the in-game app of the same name. You take on the role of the very author of Bindr, a dating app dedicated to kinky people, to catch a glimpse of how “the other half lives”. And by half, I mean the top 1%. The game is targeting high fidelity PBR rendering and true to life personalities, situations and human body shapes. Nothing here is oversized, making it more believable and enticing.​

Developer: bindr
File Size: 240.3 MB
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

What is in 0.1.3:

  • Largest update yet, dwarfing 0.1.0, 0.1.1 and 0.1.2 combined developed in 2 weeks, 0.1.4 should follow the pattern
  • Multiple new kinks and fantasies from futa to heel insertion, even heel-popping and dangling (check tags)
  • Titular character is Elizabeth with over 100 high-end renders
  • Full encounter with two detectives who arrest you when you go at a certain time to the coffee shop (not be there, go)
  • Return of the fan favorite, Rebecca, in a second encounter
  • Bed fantasies now work, introducing a futanari and lesbian encounter, and some cuckoldry.
  • Fixed the skipping bug that landed people in the main menu
  • Fixed the coffee shop return home button which didn’t work
  • Gallery is now functional for reliving encounters
  • Fully voiced (except fantasies, I ran out of time)
  • Additional exclusive maledom girl for patrons and second part of the first encounter with Rebecca (pegging), please do not ask for it yet.

What is in early version 0.1.2:

  • Multiple matches with women of varying interests
  • Experiencing the core mechanics of the game, swiping, matching, texting, map, progress, time of day
  • Fully voiced

Developer Notes:

I’ve optimized the size as much as possible but I have some ideas for the future which will reduce it further. 0.1.3 should follow next week, if you want to see more animations, consider subscribing to the Patreon because making this thing is eggspensive. I could always use help with feedback and votes on Patreon on where to take future matches.

Until 0.2.0, you should always start a new game when trying a new update.

Game Images & Screenshots


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