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Piggy Nose Games released a new game called Brooks in Wild West and the version is 0.41. The game’s story is about In this game you will live the life of Brooks III! After several years of humiliation, you rebel against Tyler, the school bully! But only your courage it wasn’t enough, Tyler attacked you and you couldn’t defend yourself! In your subconscious, you had a conversation with the patriarch of the Brooks family, which takes you back to the times of the wild west! Where real men were made!

Developer: Piggy Nose
File Size: 3.28 GB
Version: 0.41
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English


v0.40 Chapter 2

  • Main story progression. (Chapter 2 and extras)
  • Reworking several scenes from chapter 1 and adding extra scenes between them. (If you have already finished this chapter, your gameplay will not be affected)
  • All old animations converted to Webm.
  • More than 50 +18 new scenes added to the gallery.
  • Rework of the background of several NPCs.
  • New sexual interactions with the main girls.
  • You can now enter how many bullets you can buy for your guns in the GunStore.
  • Rework in the Hotel system. (Try tipping the maid.)
  • Rework in the Love, Respect and Lust system.
  • Code improvements, smoothing of old images and performance improvements.
  • Official translation into PT-BR, Spanish and Italian.

This was a very big update, the file practically doubled in size so there may have been changes that I forgot to mention here. I recommend you play and see for yourself.

v0.30 Chapter 1 (Rework)

  • The entire script was redone from scratch, taking advantage of only a few excerpts from the previous one.
  • All characters, backgrounds and scenes have been completely reworked, repositioned and re-rendered with higher quality.
  • The Bank account and Saloon gambling systems have also been redone, you can now enter the amount you want to wager/deposit/withdraw.
  • More than a dozen +18 new scenes, integrated and tested with the Gallery.
  • The target shooting system for hunting has been completely redone, less monotonous and more intuitive.
  • The plot was also rewritten, with new scenes, reordering existing scenes and adding extra parts between them.

Developer Notes:

Old Saves should no longer be compatible with the current version, but you do have the option to play with Cheats to get to the parts that interest you faster. I’ve taken into account all the comments and feedback I’ve received here and on other channels over the past few months, and I’ve worked to resolve any difficulties and issues you’ve had with the game. Guys, for those who wanted to know about plans for future updates. The idea of NTR was totally abandoned, the main idea now is that it’s a Full Harem with just the MC getting all the girls. The script was rewritten and the second chapter is already in production, following this line. If you like it, please support the project! I hope you have fun!

Game Screenshot:


Before the Rework

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