Buried Desires [Betisis] [v0.5 Patched]


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In Buried Desires, the MC had left teaching after experiencing a traumatic incident at his previous school. However, he was offered a position at the most prestigious school in the country. Your decisions will determine how successful you are in adapting to this new environment and the outcomes you face.


  • Date: 25/June/2023
  • Name: Buried Desires
  • Version: 0.5 (Uncensored)
  • Incest Content: Father-Daughter, Brother-Sister, Uncle-Niece
  • Dev: Betisis
  • Mod: Shaddy
  • Android: incg
25/June/2023- First Upload, v0.5 Patched
  • Avarage 3000 line
  • 32 Animations
  • 528 In game renders


Another Father-Daughter incest game, it has similar setting with a few other FD games like a sister and nieces.

Content: ~3400 Images, ~83 Animations total for v0.5 (incl patch).


Straightforward visual novel.



Last Updated on June 25, 2023

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