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AmorousDezign Games released a new game called CataclyZm and the version is 0.20. The game’s story is about is the result of a mysterious cataclysmic event that has merged two different worlds into one. The inhabitants consist of Humans and Beasts, which are humanoid animals (Furry). You take on the role of a wannabe hero called Miles, an orphan boy who is raised at the village church by a busty and voluptuous nun. Great adventure and destiny await you in the vast world of Cataclysm, where you have to battle wild beasts, meet sexy women, and make hard decisions. The game is a work in progress and your support will help me deliver more content and regular updates.​

Developer: AmorousDezign
File Size: 270.2 MB
Version: 0.20
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


– New Features:

  • Uncle Walter Character bust and facial expressions added
  • Commander Cain Character bust and facial expressions added
  • Liz can now be impregnated in the Good Path.
  • New Lingerie for Eve – Unlocked with the NTR path.
  • New Dress for Eve – Unlocked with the normal path
  • You can now ask Ms. Eve to change clothes.

– New Quests:

  • Aunt Liz Good path story progression and ending.

– Added Scenes:

  • Ms Eve gangbang – On Saturdays and Thursday afternoons visit the tavern 2nd floor. (You can join the fun on Thursdays)
  • Ms Eve Aftersex
  • Ms Eve Sleeping
  • Ms Eve Ending 1
  • Ms Eve Ending 2
  • Liz Ending 2
  • Liz Facial – cum outside when fucking her by the window.

– Fixed Bugs & Changes:

  • Removed some old bugs
  • Added some new bugs

New Features:

  • New item categories – Books
  • New item categories – Potions
  • You can now change MC’s level in the Tower of Patrons
  • You can now change MC’s outfit in the Tower of Patrons
  • You can now Complete or Reset quests from the Tower of Patrons
  • X-Ray vision added to some scenes – You can toggle it on and off in the options menu.
  • New skill for Kaali at Level 10

New Items:

  • New Lore Book – History of Cataclyzm – Found in Father Fox’s library.
  • Potion of Revival – revive dead allies
  • Potion of Strength – increases attack – 4 levels
  • Potion of Resistance – increases defense – 4 levels
  • Book of Health and Nutrition is now available (on the Oracle’s bed) – Study in the cellar to increase Health.

Developer Notes:

This build was compressed using UAGC ver 1.9 Save files from version 0.14 will be okay on this build just remember to save the game the moment you begin your game. Please report any problems or bugs to me here or on my Patreon page.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Official Walkthrough v0.20 – Save Files

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