Chronicles of Hell and Heaven [Ch. 1 Act. 3 Final] By Kazuki-chan

Kazuki-chan Games released a new game called Chronicles of Hell and Heaven and the version is Ch. 1 Act. 3 Final. The game’s story is about Hi guys, my name is Kazuki. I’m an amateur writer. I am writing a book of adult short stories. Come to visit me at my home, and I will read one of my stories to you. This chapter tells the story of Bartholomeo, a demon who was expelled from hell for having a love affair with the daughter of The Demon Lord. He is sent to the human world and can only return to hell when he fulfills a specific mission. However, his arch-enemy Mephisha will do anything to prevent his return. Who will triumph in the end? Bartholomeo or Mephisha?

Developer: Kazuki-chan
File Size: 12.34 GB
Version: Ch. 1 Act. 3 Final
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter One – Act 3 Final:

  • The final scene in The Great Secrets Tavern.
  • Church scene.
  • Some scenes about Mephisha’s past.
  • Sacrifice scene at the town square.
  • First sex scene of Mephisha.
  • Chapter 1 Concluding events.
  • Kazuki-chan’s first lewd scene (You deserve a reward after hearing all this story. <3)
  • Bonus Content after finishing the game

Chapter One – Act 3c:

  • Added +1 Blair Scene
  • Added Jewir Scene
  • Added Kelly Scene
  • Added Blair’s Corruption Path Final = +2 Scenes (Optional/Avoidable)
  • Added Flayre + Melty Scene
  • Added Layla Scene
  • Added Layla + Blair Scene

Developer Notes:

This game have no battles and puzzles. It’s a simple game. My inicial objetive is only create a world. I will invest in more sophisticated gameplay systems when I become a more experienced developer.

NTR Warning: The main character of one chapter is not the protagonist of the whole story. You will follow the story from several different points of view. That is why there will be sex scenes with characters that are not the main character, but the purpose of these scenes is not to make the player jealous but to develop the plot of the supporting characters. If this still bothers you, I apologize, but I will not change my method of telling the story.

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