Coming of Age [v2.6] By Crazybat

Crazybat Games released a new game called Coming of Age and the version is 2.6. The game’s story is about You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Fortunately, you are in charge of her decisions.​

Developer: Crazybat
File Size: 2.17 GB
Version: 2.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Release2.6 contains about 6410 CG (~310 CG have been added in 2.6)
  • A new swimsuit added for the sunbathing event at the beach (Buy it at the store)
    It has two variants. (Shaved or non-Shaved) and some additional optional parts depending on certain stats.
  • Added several mini events with npc’s around the beach.
  • 3 for the new swimsuit. Comes with bush/no bush variants.
    (One of those will require you to talk to the npc 3 times at the right time to see everything)
  • 3 small NPC interaction events while wearing the sexy swimsuit.
  • Added a new event at the clothing store (35+ cor required)
  • Added new webcam event.
  • Added plugged variants for both outfit at the clothing store job. Also made some minor dialog changes.
  • Added plugged variant for the job a the library.


  • Made some changes to the sun bathing events so hopefully people won’t end up getting stuck on the beach anymore.
    I removed the barrier around the beach when sun bathing. Players can now move around the whole beach area.
    Player won’t be able to enter every building tho.
  • replaced 1 CG and added one Cg for the toilet scene at college for the first outfit.
  • replace 7 CG of the first exhibitionist contest event.
  • Mouse users will now also be able to interact with the npc at the gym directly.
  • Added server al tags for npc’s for mouse users.
    When hovering over certain Npc’s icon will change to show you can interact with them.
  • Changed name of the lifeguard to Ryan.
  • Added some more status lines in the menu.
    Should now always display a status line (Based on May’s shame level.)


  • Fixed picture not cleared properly after event with headmaster when saying no. (only non-pierced variant)
  • The 4th nurse event will no longer trigger until may has shaved herself.
  • The third nurse event won’t trigger during the cheerleader try-outs anymore making players get stuck inside college.

Release 2.5 is here!


  • Added 2 more point to move between City Central and City east.
  • Added/changed some minor dialog when interacting with npc’s in City Central map wearing the skimpy outfit.
  • Up to 14000 Lines of text have been checked for spelling/typo’s and corrected by Living in a lewd world!

A big thanks to Living in a lewd world for this major effort!

Another big thank you goes out to nuqqur who created a script in ruby to replace all the old lines with the new corrected lines! Without the help they offered voluntary to me I would have taken me a long time to get all those pesky typo’s/ errors / Grammar mistakes fixed.

  • I did some testing and everything seems to work fine.
  • However there is a small chance some text that got replaced might lead to a crash in a certain line.
  • I’ve added a complete backup of the old date files inside the data folder called backup org 2.5.
  • If you run into any crashes that you may think are related to this you can just unpack the data.7z 7zipfile inside backup org 2.5 org folder into the directory to see if that fixes the issue.
  • And if you could let me know where is crashes that would be great too of course.

Warning Old Saves:

Using old save files should work. If you played 0.8 I’d recommend using a save file in which May’s shame is around 42 though.
Provide save games:
SAVE1 => Start of 0.4
SAVE2 => Start of 0.5
SAVE3 => Start of 0.6
SAVE3 => Start of 0.7
SAVE4 => Start of 0.8
SAVE5 => start of 0.9

Game Images & Screenshots


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