Corrupted Saviors [Release 43c] By CSDev

CSDev Games released a new game called Corrupted Saviors and the version is Release 43c. The game’s story is about Corrupted Saviors is an erotic computer game where the player takes command of an army of Demonic tentacle monsters empowered by sin against a squad of superhuman opponents who represent the virtues of humanity. These Chosen warriors are overwhelmingly powerful, but they’re still human, and they respond to trauma in accordance with the facets of their generated personalities. By carefully tailoring the inflicted trauma to the target’s personality flaws, the player can turn them against each other and tempt them to greater sins in order to generate more energy for the Demonic army.​

Developer: CSDev
File Size: 352.5 MB
Version: Release 43c
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Release 43a-c

  • Content: Added the Strategic Advantage advantage system which appears starting in Loop 12 of campaign mode and in its own new scenario.
  • Content: Added story scenes to the Victory boss fight and to the start of Loop 12.
  • Content: Added asset size tracking and inheritance.
  • Content: Added custom nicknames and titles between characters.
  • Balance: Chosen who took comparatively large damage in the previous battle will now be more selfish about picking more sinful downtime actions than their partners.
  • Balance: Surrender to Instincts now has double the effect, provides Hypnotism progress twice as fast, and is more likely to be used.
  • Interface: Information about different traumas’ opening level conditions now appears more prominently in-game.
  • Bugfix: The portrait sidebar no longer becomes untoggleable on saves with existing save files.
  • Bugfix: Resolved a crash that could happen with T3 sinful actions performed at very high damage levels.
  • Bugfix: Resolved some issues with the Rampancy Distortion during the final battle and as Forsaken.
  • Bugfix: Triggering the Aversion Distortion will no longer allow allies to escape to the sky before they should.
  • Bugfix: The “Ghost Buster” achievement will no longer cause increasingly unstable downtime behavior with every level.
  • Bugfix: Resolved a couple of crashes that could happen when trying to generate genetics for bodies without owners.

Release 42b:

  • Content: Added the Splendor boss fight and some associated story scenes to campaign mode.
  • Content: Added the Versus Splendor scenario to single play mode.
  • Content: Added one new vignette.
  • Content: Added some scenes where normal Chosen or Superior Chosen killed in the final battle can return as Undead.
  • Balance: Undead Chosen ‘killed’ in the final battle are now treated as escaping. Their allies will therefore be more willing to ‘kill’ them.
  • Bugfix: The immediate surround actions when using Networked Consciousness can now include Tempt (as long as the target fits the usual requirements).
  • Bugfix: The method for calculating a burnt-out boss’s T3 move strengths are now consistent across the damage types.
  • Bugfix: The Pass Time button can now appear properly during Curse Lock.

Developer Notes:

The gameplay is based on alternating combat and base phases. During the base phase, the player spends the energy collected from the sins of the Chosen in order to upgrade the Demonic army. During the combat phase, the player inflicts trauma on the Chosen using a system that borrows elements from eragame trainers. After every combat phase, the Chosen spend their free time on activities that resolve the inflicted trauma, with more sinful activities being more effective. They use their own internal logic based on their personalities for deciding which activities to perform, and much of the challenge of the game comes from figuring out how to use their priorities against them.

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