Cult of Lily [v0.2.1p] By Crimson roses

Crimson roses Games released a new game called Cult of Lily and the version is 0.2.1p. The game’s story is about Cult of Lily, an open-world/dating sim adult game. In this game, you’re a futa girl, a very popular singer known as “Lily” who, after a traumatizing event, decides to lay low and decide to enter an academy to try to have a normal life. Spend your time as you want, you can raise your stat to meet new people or spend some time together with your friend to deepen your bond and eventually become more than a friend, or you can just explore the city, who knows what’ll you find.​

Developer: Crimson roses
File Size: 142.6 MB
Version: 0.2.1p
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


First release

Developer Notes:

The game is still under development, in time, much more content will be added to the game.
This is the first release of the game, so there’s no much to do for now.
It contains:

  • 4 place to explore
  • 4 animated sex scene
  • A very basic blackjack mini-game

Game Images & Screenshots


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