Currency of Damnation [v0.5] By Crazy Chameleon

Crazy Chameleon Games released a new game called Currency of Damnation and the version is 0.5. The game’s story is about What if everything you thought you knew was thrown on it’s head one day? That’s the position you find yourself in. Explore a world in the far future full of history, intrigue .. And debauchery! Grow a financial empire, Run a red light district, Extend your reach .. Because when all the cards are finally on the table .. You’re going to need it all. Caught between two diametrically opposed Goddess’s the world strains under this impossible impasse. Do you have the strength, the cunning and the intellect to uncover the secrets of the world and resolve the conflict once and for all?​

Developer: Crazy Chameleon
File Size: 869.1 MB
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Chapter 2 Introduction!
  • First Chapter 2 Quest.
  • New Area : Khiveras Caverns with it’s introductory Quest.
  • Vanda and Absinthe dates (After quest completion.)
  • Vanda and Absinthe Harem mini scenes unlock. (Which allows Erosi/Affection conversion.)
  • 5 New Main H-Scenes (3 in the main quest, 2 In the Vanda and Absinthe Dates respectively.)
  • Bugfixes for issues with Chapter 1 Finale not triggering properly. If your save is still messed up hit me up on discord.
  • Dialogue tweaks to some H-Scenes.


  • Chapter 1 Finale! Includes a long cutscene, A boss battle and a gathering. To access this simply enter the maze after finishing the Vajra emitter.
  • Three repeatable H-Scenes for Pepper,Willow and Raia. For a total of 9 smaller repeatable scenes! Which allow you to use Erosi to grind affection with these characters.
  • New romantic scene and H-Scene for Absinthe.
  • New romantic scene and H-Scene for Raia.
  • New romantic scene and H-Scene for Willow.
  • For those with Futa/Male enabled a new romantic scene and H-Scene with Laverna! She might just surprise you 
  • Four new events in which you help Keikyu with a troublesome customer and further your relationship with her.
  • Four new events in which you help Hanabi with her woes and learn more about the fun loving monkey.
  • Four new events where you help Gabriella find her place in the world.
  • Note : Though Dhuzzi content was promised .. It has been delayed. I promise it will be worth the wait pregnancy fans 
  • You can now right click to hide the text however this won’t work very well during visual novel scenes as of yet. It will work fine in H-Scenes though 

 I’m working on extending this.

  • You can now use either WASD or the arrow keys to move the character.
  • Enemies have been given a balance pass but are still very difficult and will remain so. Debug attack will be permanent and optional in 1.0 for those who don’t like hard combat. But I saw little point in forcing easy boring combat.
  • If you are coming in from an old version save where you have completed Legalize it please use the green crystal in the Maze to fix variables! WHoopsie! DON’T use it after the ch1 finale though!
  • New townspeople dialoguie (Will be coming in a hotfix not implemented JUST yet. I decided to make sure the game flow is running okay before I implement a patch that will have many npc’s depending on those variables.)

Game Images & Screenshots


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