Cyber Rift [v0.1.9.7a] By Cyber Owl Games

Cyber Owl Games released a new game called Cyber Rift and the version is The game’s story is about You the main character, a young adventurer type who decides to take your ambitions upward (literally) and travel into space in search of a long-lost treasure. Your journey will take you across the universe in search of any clues that might bring you one step closer to that prize. Traveling the galaxy is no easy task alone, but you will meet many interesting people (and sexy girls) along the way. Your first encounter along the way is with your new traveling companion, Everie. She is a humanoid automaton left for dead on a derelict junk planet to be destroyed, but you find her before that can happen. She joins your crew and quickly becomes more than just a crewmate, and she’ll help you do whatever (or whomever) it takes to help you in your journey.

Your journey will take you across the stars to a variety of strange and exotic locations, such as high-tech hubs filled to the brim with the latest technology and even planets stuck in a feudal past with a technological twist. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, will define your place in the universe. Do you have what it takes to find it?​

Developer: Cyber Owl Games
File Size: 231 MB
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

What’s changed:

  • 2 New pinups have been added
  • UI has been entirely overhauled and streamlined
  • Popup objective has been removed and changed so objectives are viewed inside phone instead.
  • Brand new phone interface (WIP needs feedback)
  • Brand new scene replay in phone (WIP needs feedback)
  • Brand new pinup viewer in phone (WIP needs feedback)
  • Brand new objective viewer in phone (WIP needs feedback)
  • Brand new store interface for buying items. Very WIP but we need to know if it’s working correctly so please test it out!


  • Ability to change player name has been added
  • New minimap feature has been added
  • Various small fixes across including a fix for random blackboxes appearing from items without interactions has been fixed
  • New Fae NSFW scene has been added (hint go near the bathroom on floor 2 to trigger after talking with Fae on Forgaris.)
  • Fixed Hallways

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed all faces throughout the build for conversations
  • Fixed an issue with going to main menu that would carry items across saves
  • Fixed an issue with objectives not completing correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Everie’s room not changing names correctly
  • Fixed an issue with characters disappearing during dialogue
  • Fixed an issue with mouse not appearing during certain scenes
  • Fixed an issue with save/loading not correctly displaying time

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed numerous issues with the new objective system, most progression is working but still needs testing!
  • Fixed a number of issues with sprites not fully appearing correctly (this is still something being worked on but it’s already improved a ton)
  • Fixed an issue where Everie was appearing in the hallway early
  • Fixed an issue where Fae was appearing in the cockpit early
  • Fixed an issue where objectives weren’t being removed correctly when the room was cleaned out of order
  • Fixed an issue with Everie’s room cleaning causing dialogue for Fae’s door to appear early
  • Fixed an issue sprite positions for certain conversations (still being improved)
  • Fixed an issue where Everie’s door scene was appearing early
  • Fixed an issue with galaxy map showing the name of the unknown planet too early

Developer Notes:

What you can expect from us:

We’re actively building Cyber Rift and want you to be part of the process. What you’ll get every month from subscribing:

  • News updates every month on current development (For every tier)
  • Art updates every month to show you our process and give teasers (For Owlet and up)
  • High quality art assets from the game (For Cyber Owl)
  • A new build every 1-2 months, with active development updates to keep you informed (For Owlet and Cyber Owl, Cyber Owl will get the update 5 days early but in a buggier state).

Game Images & Screenshots


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