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LvdvE Games released a new game called FutaYuri Stories: Dark Taboos and the version is 1.4. The game’s story is about This is a sandbox game, where I can showcase my works in form of stories, with 3d images, animations, and plenty dialogues. The content of this game is intended to be the most depraved, with only focus on yuri/futa, and display my darkest fetishes: it’s clearly not for everyone, so please don’t play it if you’re only curious. The game takes place in a uchronia where futanaris thrive. You can explore in a omniscient pov all facets of this new world.​

Developer: LvdvE
File Size: 795 MB
Version: 1.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English


There’s 2 new main stories. One about a nun (available in safe version), look at the church entrance. The other introduce Kali (big black futa) and her preggo neighbor (only in full version). There’s also a short scene with Neya and her girl during night. I also added an image (from a lost story) at the end of the story A good-for-nothing mother. Finally, I added the location where you can play the Spoiled Wedding story in game mode (the new story from 1.3.2).

v1.3 (Initial Release):
There is 12 main stories/scenes to discover, with some minor additionnal content in the game mode (sandbox).

Developer Notes:

  • As per rules, I won’t post the full uncensored version (with underage content) directly on this site. So if you love even this part of my work you need a password to unlock the full content. You can find it at my Patreon, or in my Discord server after becoming a member. Then go to Preferences in the game, and change the “lolicon filter”.
  • I’m a futanari and yuri lover who can’t stand to see males mixed with these genres. I share all my works and also my personnal collection on Discord. If you are part of this niche audience, feel free to join the community on my Discord server or to support me on Patreon, it will make me want to continue sharing my passion.

Game Screenshot:

Safe Version:

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