Debasing Grounds [v0.15] By Rax Lorax

Rax Lorax Games released a new game called Debasing Grounds and the version is 0.15. The game’s story is about The world has been transformed into a wasteland, with only a few scattered settlements remaining as a testament to the resilience of humanity. You find yourself awakening in a town fortified by a practical wall of mud and metal bars.

Developer: Rax Lorax
File Size: 561 KB
Version: 0.15
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New attribute Agility impacts evasion, sneaking and pickpocket. Players can now select 6 points at character creation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to stop working when loading faulty saved data.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the items descriptions in loot boxes
  • Fixed display issues when loading a save in the early character-creation steps
  • Fixed display problems with decimal numbers in the Factions screen
  • Disabled the side menu during character creation
  • Added new options for eye color. Less ambiguous adjectives for skin ad hair color.
  • NPC descriptions now include their hair
  • After Hista’s scene, the location will repopulate of NPCs
  • New skill: Lockpick (starting value based on Perception)
  • New quest available at Main Square
  • 4 new items
  • 5 new NPCs
  • New home where the player can stay for free on quest completion
  • The player can now steal and use the e-coin wallet of certain NPCs. New wallet indicator.
  • New dialog options at the detective’s agency
  • Two new scenes and consequences when the player doesn’t pay rent
  • Night mode is now the default (change brought from the next version)


  • Fixed a bug with the wardrobe in 5 East Street (Ms Harrow’s) that prevented continuing the quest
  • Fixed a bug in Hista’s scene that prevented taking any actions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from leaving the booth at the Software Company
  • Fixed a bug that made the customs office button show up twice in market street and prevented leaving the office
  • Fixed a bug that left the player “Tied with your arms up” after the police torture scene
  • Fixed a bug preventing start the Pharma tests with Rebecca
  • Fixed several bugs in the chat sequence with NPCs
  • Fixed several text bugs
  • Fixed notification issues in sex scenes
  • Fixed sex stats in the Police station scenes
  • New quest in the police station
  • The player can now get an ID Card from the police
  • The player can now get paid in e-coin for several tasks
  • The factions tab now shows the known characters of each faction and their status
  • The spitroast scene in the Police station will be now vaginal for female characters
  • The virginity stats now also show the location where the character lost each type of virginity
  • New female/dgirls femdom + CBT/genital torture street encounter (the total chance of encounters remains the same)
  • The player can now get a job based on lifting skills
  • New location: bar
  • To load from saved files, the player no longer needs to copy the content, it can simply opload the .txt
  • Simplified the minimap. Keep Street merged with West Street and North Street
  • The abandoned house now can also be accessed at night from West Street
  • The player will now accumulate debt with his/her landlord/lady if he can’t pay rent one week
  • New relationships tab, displaying more information about relationships
  • New locations tab


  • The player can rent a room in two different locations
  • Small changes to the map to make it easier to navigate
  • New skill: Pickpocket. Can steal silver and items from NPCs. Reputation effects when caught
  • New water sports scene
  • New Bukkake scene
  • New location: Underground Club
  • Introductions and small talk easier in the nightclub and underground club (good places to level up)
  • Pickpocketing and flirting also easier in the nightclub and underground club
  • Revised the chance of skill checks (easier checks at low skill levels)

Developer Notes:

Future development

The development of Debasing Grounds is on-going, with several updates and features planned. Here’s an outline of the areas that will continue to be developed in future updates:

  • New quests and storylines: Expanding the narrative with additional plotlines and side quests, providing players with more content and opportunities for exploration.
  • Character development system: Introducing a more comprehensive skill tree, abilities, and character customization options to allow for deeper role-playing and strategy.
  • Expanded faction system: Introducing new factions and deepening the relationships between existing factions, with dynamic interactions, reputations, and consequences based on player choices.
  • Crafting and trading system: Implementing a crafting system for players to create and customize items, along with a trading system to buy, sell, and barter with NPCs.
  • Dynamic world events: Integrating random events and encounters that occur throughout the game world, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement.
  • Enhanced AI and dialogue: Improving the artificial intelligence of NPCs and offering more complex, branching dialogue options for deeper interaction and immersion.
  • New locations and environments: Adding new areas to explore, each with its unique challenges, resources, and inhabitants.
  • Multiplayer features: Exploring the possibility of adding cooperative or competitive multiplayer elements to the game, allowing players to interact with each other in the game world.

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Extra: Online Version

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