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T3NS3N Games released a new game called Demoneater and the version is 0.15. The game’s story is about The game is set in a land that is in shambles after demons invaded it. After receiving a magical necklace from a mysterious woman, you gain the power to devour those demons. Your task is to discover the mystery behind the demonic apocalypse.​

Developer: T3NS3N
File Size: 61.5 MB
Version: 0.15
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Hi everyone, After several months of developing the basic gameplay of the game, the main theme of the game has finally arrived! Vore and adult content are finally here!

Once again, thank you for your support and feedback that keep the game going and make it better!

1.) Lust System:

You are now not an impotent male anymore. You can breed others now to your heart’s content!

There is now a “Lust Meter” on the menu bar that shows you your lust point. When it reaches 60, you can interact with anything or anyone you want to satisfy your need! But if you exceed 100, you have to relieve your own need.

You will receive an amount of Lust Point after a battle. The amount of Lust Points gained is affected by your genital size! If you want unlimited sexual drive, just focus on increasing their size.

Also, each sexual act will have multiple scenes depending on your build. For instance, if you are muscular enough, you will have a different sexual position than if you are not. So, you can experiment with different combinations of builds to see every kink!

Here are the current available sex options:

  • Inana (unlocked after the first boss)
  • Ra’al (sometimes it doesn’t work)
  • Male Survivor (top/bottom)
  • Female Survivor
  • Solo

2.) Vore Scenes:

Developer Notes:

  • JRPG – a turn-based battle system with an Action Point (AP) system where your strategic planning will determine your victory.
  • Unique Classes – Over 5 different classes with their own playstyles, story progressions, and “fun” scenes…
  • Myriad Builds – Each class has multiple combinations of moves you can experiment with to create a build that matches your playstyle.
  • Challenging Foes – Every enemy is designed to defEAT you with their own diverse set of skills! Be sure to adapt… or you’ll get eaten a lot.
  • Choose Your Fate – Each character has their own agenda, and it’s up to you who you want to help and what kind of fate will befall on the land.
  • “Fun” Scenes – The “fun” stuff will focus on male content with M/M & M/F themes.

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