Depth’s Revival [Seacth] [Ch9Part3 Patched]


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In Depth’s Revival , you play as a college student who awakens his subconscious to transform his life. With the assistance of his subconscious, he can become the man he always desired to be.

The game concentrates on romance and character development, without a specific overarching story-line. You and your subconscious work together to improve your life while also encountering various girls and learning about their life stories. At the conclusion of the game, you may either build a harem with all of the girls you’ve met, or concentrate on a single girl and delve deeper into her story.

This game is a member of the NO NTR gang.


  • Date: 27/June/2023
  • Name: Depth’s Revival
  • Version: Chapter9 Part3 Patched
  • Incest Content: Mother-Son, HalfSister-Brother, StepMother-Son
  • Dev: Seacth
  • Android: Incg
27/June/2023- Updated to Chapter9 Part3 Patched
  • 60 Images and 18 Animations featuring Freya and Melinda.
  • You can view the unique scenes on the unique gallery on main menu. Adjustments on the script and some changes on the dialogues.
25/April/2023 – Updated to Chapter9 Part2 Patched


Somewhat not typical story, has 9 chapters as of now. No blueballs.

Content: 7500+ Images, ~697 Animations Total for Chapter 9 Part 3.


VN mode, no grind. Gallery unlock is actually kind of built in.



Last Updated on June 27, 2023

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