Dominant Tale [v0.4] By Fez Dispenser

Fez Dispenser Games released a new game called Dominant Tale and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about A Corruption SRPG game where you play as the deposed prince Argo, who seeks to reclaim his throne through any means necessary. To achomplish this, he uses the Crest of Domination which allows him to bend those weaker than him to his will. How will this story play out, only one way to find out!​

Developer: Fez Dispenser
File Size: 942.2 MB
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Visible Changes
  • Weapon triangle!
  • Support system (started)
  • 6 chapter maps
  • Dev map
  • Uprising map
  • New characters
  • New weapons
  • New skills
  • New scenes
  • New ss/s events
  • Starting a new easy game file will now grant extra bonus and gold
  • Argo can now Access the convoy like other protags

Developer Notes:

Hi there, I’m the developer Fez Dispenser, and this is my first time making a game. I will be releasing this in parts so that I can improve it based on user input. I look forward to continuing this game!

Game Images & Screenshots


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