dROSEra ~Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi~

dROSEra ~Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi~


Title: dROSEra ~Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi~ VNDB
ID: v44105
Language: Japanese
Developer: Tily
Released date: 28/07/2023
Version: Final
Uncensored: No
Storage: 3.6 GB
Other Games: Link


The protagonist of a college student who participated in a literary joint magazine planned on SNS.
She fell in love at first sight with the writing of one of the contributors, and decided to show up at the after party.

At the launch, she was captivated by an intelligent and pretty woman sitting alone…
We should have been drinking together, but before we knew it, we were in a private room in a karaoke box!
And there was a woman indulging in masturbation with a lascivious delusion! ?

She was the contributor who I thought was definitely male from PN,
Moreover, she has a peculiar habit that can only excite her with bad ending delusions.

To the main character who wants to see the happy ending you write,
She responds, “If only you could show me the best happy ending that doesn’t make any noise.”
Her main character writes a story with a happy ending for her, and she presents a wonderful bad ending in the same situation.
The bizarre confrontation between the two eventually leads to an indecent pretend play at the end of the delusion.


d ROSEra Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi 1 d ROSEra Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi 2 d ROSEra Lady Bad End no Hatsukoi 3


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