E-Girl RoomMate [Final + DLC] By NyakuGames

Nyaku Games released a new game called E-Girl RoomMate and the version is Final + DLC. The game’s story is about “E-girl RoomMate is an addictive hentai clicker game. Help the protagonist record videos for his daring roommate’s OnlyFans profile. Purchase suggestive scenes and increase your success with power-ups in the shape of adorable kittens. Scale the heights of seduction in this clicker game for adults.​

Developer: Nyaku
File Size: 65.8 MB
Version: Final + DLC
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • Welcome to the unique world of “E-Girl RoomMate,” the game that will take you into the fascinating and intriguing behind-the-scenes world of online content creation. You will play the role of an engaging protagonist who shares her life with a charming roommate, who dedicates herself to creating content on OnlyFans. Your mission? Help her grow her fan base, gain followers and achieve online fame. Unlock upgrades, acquire resources, and discover new interactions on your journey to digital success!
  • Main features:
    Click to make more followers:
    Interact with the world of E-Girl RoomMate by clicking on the screen to gain followers, the main currency of the game. Every click will bring you closer to online glory, but be careful, because time is precious and competition is fierce!
  • Kitten Power-ups:
    Purchase adorable kitten-shaped boosters that automate the process of gaining followers. Each kitten has a special ability that accelerates your path to success. Choose wisely which kitten to adopt to maximize your potential.
  • Scenes with the roommate:
    Invest in special scenes with your roommate to unlock intriguing dialogue and deepen your connection with her. Each scene adds a narrative element to the game, revealing insights into life online and giving you new opportunities to engage your followers.
  • More kitty power-ups:
    Don’t settle for just one kitten! Expand your collection of feline power-ups to increase your efficiency!

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