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MG Games released a new game called Edge of the Sky and the version is 8.0. The game’s story is about A Porn-Parody version of the popular game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Play as the Dragonborn and embark on your quest to discover your destiny… and fuck a lot of hot women on the way.

Developer: MG
File Size: 873 MB
Version: 8.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English



  • Markarth is now available, along with Karthwasten.
  • 3 new quests available along with an unmarked even in Old Hroldan
  • 24 new renders, spread out over 7 scenes.
  • A host of new dialogue.
  • more tweaks and fixes in dialogue, spelling etc. etc.
  • new random event in Markarth. Future updates will include more here.

A know issue: the main palace/keep of Markarth does not have a shadow/lighting-map. There is something weird happening with that map, and I’m looking into fixing this.


  • Riften.. now in full with 24 new characters (exluding guards) and a host of new dialogue.
  • Orc stronghold of Largashbur, located west of Riften (check the map)
  • 3 new quests are available*, with 4 scenes/15 renders total.
  • A bunch of tweaks and spelling/grammar fixes.
  • Added weather effects to the main cities.
  • One secret painting to be found in Riften
  • Added a new follower, who can be recruited after the quest in Largashbur.

*One quest in Riften cannot be completed yet. I want to include a mechanic hinted at throughout the game, but not yet in this update. This will be done in a future update.

A QOL update. No new towns or cities available.

  • Added shadow/lighting to all interiors
  • Fixed minor details in exteriors and interiors
  • Added some interactables around the world. Not many though. Hint: Check 2 pantings.. one in the Temple of Kynareth and one in the Jarls house in Morthal
  • added tons of new dialogue
  • Innkeepers have new random dialogue when asked about rumours
  • many other characters can be asked about the city
  • Fixed some grammar/spelling errors
  • Added a Gallery (see below for more)
  • Added Random events to the world map (see below for more)

Dawnstar focused update with 4 new scenes

  • Added Dawnstar
  • 2 New quests in Dawnstar + 1 unmarked quest.
  • 1 new quest in Whiterun
  • Rewards for both Dawnstar and Whiterun
  • 1 secret in Dawnstar
  • numerous spelling errors and other small fixes.

Developer Notes:

This is a porn parody of TESV: Skyrim, made in RPG-Maker. The game does not delve into the lore of the original game since names, locations, events, etc. are not explained in detail. The game expects you to have at least some pre-existing knowledge of the world of Skyrim. Also… if you encounter someone in the game who asks you for patronage… I’m still setting it up 🙂

Final Note: If you encounter bugs or other issues, I’m fine with you dropping that in this thread. Please do title it with “BUG REPORT”,.. that way I can find your post quicker and easier. Thanks in advance.

Game Screenshot:


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