[ENG] A Nursery Tale Story [RJ344563][669M]


Title: A Nursery Tale Story DLSite
Language: English
Developer: Studio Sirocco DLSite
Released date: 28/09/2021
Version: Final
Other Games: Link


*Includes depictions of NTR*
He’s made it to the Demon Lord’s castle and is about to deliver the final blow to the evil ruler, but just before he can strike, he’s afflicted with a curse that makes him shrink…
To undo the curse, he’ll need the help of his full-figured party members… and if he saves the village, he may even get a reward…
Everything was created to be a very orthodox-style RPG. This time around, however, we’ve included erotic battle animations, defeat scenes, pregnancy, and birth!
Have fun meeting sexy sub-heroines around cities and towns and taking them somewhere more private…​


RJ344563 img smp1RJ344563 img smp2RJ344563 img smp3RJ344563 img smp4RJ344563 img smp5RJ344563 img smp6


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Password: gys18.com

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