[ENG] EP’s Silver Brave Youth

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EP’s Silver Brave Youth


Title: EP’s Silver Brave Youth DLSite
ID: RJ435242
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
Developer: Fuyou DLSite
Released date: 06/09/2023
Version: Final
Uncensored: No
Storage: 126 MB
Other Games: Link


As a simplified ARPG, there is no plot text, and all image events are represented by pixel animation.
It tells the story of a kind of unreal mysterious power, which induces a young man to master various magical labyrinths in order to cure his sister.
The ability is very low. If you want to play games easily, you can make look like his sister, but please note that this will make the protagonist suffer from various pornographic attacks.


RJ435242 img smp1RJ435242 img smp2RJ435242 img smp3RJ435242 img smp4RJ435242 img smp5RJ435242 img smp6RJ435242 img smp7


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