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EROTASII -Trials from the Spirit-


Title: EROTASII -Trials from the Spirit- DLSite
ID: RJ369260
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese
Developer: DAMINZ DLSite
Released date: 28/07/2023
Version: 1.0
Uncensored: No
Storage: 396 MB
Other Games: Link


◆ World
There are 5 main areas!
Central, forest, mountain, wilderness, island Race through a vast map !

◆ Dungeon Capture with action!
A stone statue that starts when sperm is poured!
Jump! Avoid! Climb the wall!

◆ Characters
A variety of characters Help and make friends A total of 17 voice actors!

◆ Equipment
Change your equipment and make it stronger! Be fashionable!
Purchased from the store, obtained from treasure chests Strange equipment came out!

◆ Item
Let’s proceed efficiently using items!
Rice is delicious!
You can even fish!
I also drink alcohol…
Bad potion?!

◆ Craft
Infinite elements to replay with crafting!
Plant and harvest crops in the field!
Make equipment and dye it in your favorite color!
Enhance your weapons with enchantments!

◆ Quest
Earn pocket money by helping Deliver rice balls, help slime girls Did something happen when the king
of a neighboring country came to visit?

◆ Battle
Level up and learn skills!
Engage in flashy combat!

◆ Ecchi
When captured by a monster girl, you will enter an ecchi event!
Annakoto and konnakoto…
You can see the ecchi monsters you encounter in the gallery!


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Password: gys18.com

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