[ENG] Escape Room ~The Ignorant Girlfriend Is Still Bought Today~

Escape Room ~The Ignorant Girlfriend Is Still Bought Today~


Title: Escape Room ~The Ignorant Girlfriend Is Still Bought Today~ DLSite
ID: RJ01060285
Language: English, Japanese
Developer: The Church of NTR DLSite
Released date: 20/05/2023
Version: Final
Storage: 1.8 GB
Other Games: Link


The protagonist and his girlfriend, Alisa, had just started dating recently. Today was supposed to be their first date and a fun day, but suddenly, they were kidnapped by someone and found themselves in an unfamiliar room.

“If you cannot escape, you will live in this room for the rest of your life.”

Together with three other captured men, they were trapped in a sealed facility with no way out. The only way to escape was to win games and accumulate points. In this place, with enough points, they could buy anything they desired. Whether it was a key to get out or someone else’s ownership…

Some were driven to escape this place as quickly as possible. Some were driven by their own sexual desires. They placed their own desires on the line and entered the game.

Will they be able to escape from this place safely?


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Password: gys18.com

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