[ENG] Florida Love Stories – GYS18

Florida Love Stories


Title: Florida Love Stories Steam
Language: English
Developer: Mew Games
Released date: 29/07/2023
Version: 1.0
Storage: 409 MB
Other Games: Link


Veronica Hernandez, a Miami-based investigative journalist, is not having a great day. Her girlfriend just left her a week ago and on top of that, her Chief Editor has asked her to end her leave early to investigate an interesting lead in a seaside town in the Florida Keys called Boca Castor. As she explores the town of Boca Castor she uncovers a very intriguing mystery about this town, talks to some very beautiful women and may even fall in love with one of them.

“Florida Love Stories is a romantic comedy point-and-click adventure and yuri dating sim. Play as investigative journalist Veronica Hernandez as she explores the town of Boca Castor, meets beautiful women and maybe even falls in love along the way.



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Password: gys18.com

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