[ENG] Private Tutor’s Cuckoldry Report

Private Tutor’s Cuckoldry Report


Title: Private Tutor’s Cuckoldry Report VNDB
ID: v22648
Language: English
Developer: ORCSOFT
Released date: 27/08/2023
Version: Final
Uncensored: No
Storage: 1.2 GB
Other Games: Link


You are a womanizing private tutor. It’s time to bang down your super sexy student and her mother!

The protagonist Nozomu Kurisu (you) is such a thoughtless man of sexual desire.
You are a “d*ckist” university student whose life is ruled by your d*ck, as if a word “womanizer” wears clothes and walks on the street.

Having enrolled in a famous private university in order to take a distance from strict and square-headed parents, you make money as a private tutor taking advantage of being a student at the famous university.

With your muscular body and proficient verbal techniques, you have built several physical relationships with your students and their mothers.

Currently, you teach Tatsunobu Hatsufuji’s daughter. His family is really ideal.
Despite the fact that his wife Akari is 18 years younger than him and his daughter Shizuku is not blood-related to him, the family members live in harmony.

Considering what you have done before, you should have already f*cked the mother and the daughter who strongly arouse your d*ck. However, because you plan to find a job using the father’s connection and they provide you a very nice working condition, you found that making a mess in their family is somewhat too much against the public moral.

Just recently you have dumped all of your friends with benefits so you have been sexually frustrated as strongly as ever before…… But your sense of morality prevents you from going all the way as you want. However—

“I want you to get laid with my wife… Akari.”

— The one who shakes up your remaining reason, common sense and gratitude is the father of the family, Tatsunobu.

Based on the secret contract, a lustful feast begins with a cuckoldry drama approved by the husband……


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