Erocism [Final] [Momentum Games] – F95 Games

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*Game Goals
Clear a total of 12 Puzzle stages to earn illustration rewards
It consists of a total of 12 stages, 6 regular stages and 6 hidden stages.
※How to enter the hidden stage
When you clear a normal stage, an EROCISM button will appear next to the stage.
If you press the EROCISM button, the existing stage name changes to the hidden stage name.
After this, click on the stage to enter the hidden stage.
(There are also hidden Easter eggs in the hidden stage.)

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Get all the clue items presented within the limit number of turns
(If you lose all of your stamina, you lose.
If you are caught by a ghost that appears, you will be defeated.)

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Basically, you use the mouse to operate before entering the stage.

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Basically, it is operated using the arrow keys or WASD.
(You can change the movement keys in settings.)

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* There are six female characters in the story.
* Solving puzzles corresponding to each character yields peculiar illustrations.

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