Eternum [Caribdis] [v0.6]

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You and your best friend are packing up to move to Kredon, a city renowned for its top-notch schools and universities, so you can further your studies. However, Kredon has a hot topic that consumes everyone’s conversations: ETERNUM, a mind-blowing virtual MMORPG game that rocked the tech world when it was launched a few years back. Equipped with a cutting-edge neural implant that taps into your senses, it becomes near impossible to distinguish between the game and reality. Countless servers make up the vast Eternum network, offering a variety of captivating worlds, from enchanting realms filled with magic to dystopian sci-fi cities, where anything seems possible.

Yet, beneath its shimmering surface, there exists a sinister underbelly shrouded in darkness: underground markets, heinous acts of torture and abuse, illegal trafficking of questionable content, dangerous secret gatherings, and rampant cyber theft. Eternum adheres to no rules or restrictions imposed by anyone.

Oddly enough, the authorities turn a blind eye to all this mayhem. There is no regulation or control in place. Some speculate that the game is highly addictive, others claim it’s the immense wealth flowing through the market, a few even believe that those in power have been corrupted by bribery. And then there are those who suspect that something more sinister lurks behind the scenes.
And where do you fit into this twisted tale? Well, that’s entirely up to you now.


  • Date: 28/July/2023
  • Name: Eternum
  • Version: 0.6
  • Broad Tags: Harem, Fantasy Sci-fi Themed, All Vanilla Sex
  • Dev: Caribdis
28/July/2023 – First Upload v0.6
  • 1375+ new images
  • 50+ new animations
  • 13900+ new lines of code
  • 30+ new music tracks
  • 105+ new sound effects
  • Several render and code fixes


Current game from dev of Once In A Lifetime. Dev has moved away from incest. This one is popular and has lots of fans. Story is something like Sword Art Online, not 100% of course.

Content: 7500+ Images, ~211 Animations Total for v0.6.

irrelevant comic bout Sword Art Online
Flork SAO


Straightforward Visual Novel. Pdf Walkthrough available, mod is paywalled for 36hours so not there yet.



Last Updated on July 28, 2023

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