Futa Quest [v1.75] By FutaBox

FutaBox Games released a new game called Futa Quest and the version is 1.75. The game’s story is about For some time now, things were going really bad for a young teacher Roxy. All because of her bad reputation. Being a futanari with a strong libido, she liked to take off the sexual tension using her young female students, but one day it all came out sideways when she had sex with the director’s daughter. After that, all she could do is pack her things and get away from there before it was too late. But after a while by the greatest piece of good luck, she suddenly got a call from an elite agency and she was offered a specific job. Ah, if you only knew how happy she was when she found out she would work at the private camp for girls from very rich and powerful families.

Her goal is to get the girls ready for adulthood and sexuality and to make the three richest girls pregnant with her child. What could be easier than this wonderful task? As it turns out, there are internal rules of the camp that will greatly complicate her life and make the task not that simple

Developer: FutaBox
File Size: 760.7 MB
Version: 1.75
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Got a continuation of a fascinating story: Princess, Hannah, Connie, Rachel, Maiko, and the maids
  • New minor character (2 different costumes)
  • A new minor character’s house
  • New outfit for the princess + new emotions
  • New Rachel with small breasts + new emotions
  • Modified Connie without a bra
  • A new animation plugin. Now you can easily view all the animations presented in any order and as many times as you want
  • Revealing the persons who were in the princess steam room with Roxy and Hannah
  • The latest saves at the end of 1.65 are up to date and working
  • Entering the Princess Palace from version 1.75 onwards will always be with a change of clothes to save your time

2022-11-03 v1.45

We planned to have the game ready for release sooner than usual between versions, and we’re very glad we did. Characters of version 1.45: Hannah, Maiko, and someone else… Also, for the first time since the beginning of game development, we are implementing pregnancy as a theme. It was simple in theory, but we faced some difficulty portraying pregnancy in a seductive and sexy way.

A brief summary of version 1.45 (again, no spoilers):

  • 3 new costumes
  • 1 new location
  • the cool plot twist we’ve been planning for a long time
  • the reveal of Hannah’s pregnancy appears.
  • The game files contain the author’s saves.
  • Files up to the end of version 1.25 are suitable, not later (all others can cause errors).
  • Enjoy.

Game Images & Screenshots


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