GLASS 2 [Final] By TeamSnowball

TeamSnowball Games released a new game called GLASS 2 and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Human is a creature of lust, and no one can escape it completely. Such human instincts have given birth to a kind of conceptual life, embodied by the will to think and act on its own. It is called GLASS, and it is transcending space and time, creating a world of GLASS, and is currently gathering more and more powerful energy. The Glass Hunters, a pan-spacetime organization, have been observing and coordinating the phenomenon, They dispatch Aaron, the Eromancer, to solve the unprecedented phenomenon observed one day.

Expanded world, story, and new heroines. Aaron, a Eromancer with the Glasshunters, is assigned to a bizarre case where several Heroine ‘Glass Maidens’ have been kidnapped. As Aaron infiltrates the Glass World, he is surprised by the different atmosphere of the Glass World from his usual adventures. And when he rescues the first Glass Maiden, Vivian, what he finds there is a startling truth.

Developer: TeamSnowball
File Size: 1.58 GB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

Game Features

  • Rewind: You can use your libido to rewind to the previous level.
  • Wild Card: You can use a wild card by spending your libido, and it can be any number. Keep your combo count going
  • When you run out of cards in your ‘hand’, you can replenish them by spending your libido.
  • Libido will be awarded after completing a stage.

Gather all the cards on screen to break the Glass world and collect the energy of this world, ‘Libido’! And Take a peek into her little secrets. by targeting the Heroin’s weaknesses. Enjoy the adventure and story waiting for Aaron and the Glass Maiden in the Glass World!

Game Images & Screenshots

(Shift-F = Cheat)


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