Goodbye Eternity aka Extra Life Download [v0.7.1] + Walkthrough


# Patch note 0.7.1

**Important information**: due to a bug with the Windows version of the game, the old 0.7 will not trigger the alert message of there being an update for the game.
Please always update the game by extracting it into a new folder. If your OS asks you to overwrite files, you’re doing it wrong.

Huge thanks to the madman Geotrone, who almost single-handedly translated the game into Vietnamese.

## Added
– Vietnamese translation, thanks to Geotrone and other translation helpers

## Modifications
– The 0.7 story is now time-locked, to prevent the storyline from being inconsistent or softlocked

## Bugfix
– Minor dialogue fixes
– Fixed the new character being unaccessible within sprites gallery, skins and rename menu
– Fixed the onsen’s exterior not displaying properly when playing with potato mode
– Fixed shortcut keys being processed when entering Saito’s name for veteran start
– Fixed an option still being accessible after the end of Sakuya’s path (Noriko blackmail path)
– Fixed the version check process at startup (Windows only)

## Added
– Sakuya’s storyline, prepare for trouble…
– 20k words
– 10 new locations
– 24 new location variants
– 7 new CGs
– 28 new CG variants
– 4 new animations
– 22 new animation variants (1:38 minutes)
– One new character
– New sprite clothing for Saito, Noriko, Asami and Sakuya (may slightly spoil the story, so beware opening the sprites gallery)
– Option to make the textbox transparent
– Diagnostic data collection, more info in the ingame disclaimer
– Keyboard shortcuts to quickly access some user interfaces (PC only):
– `m`: open navigation menu
– `p`: open preferences menu
– `s`: open save menu
– `l`: open load menu
– `g`: open gallery menu
When using the gallery menu, you can press 1-5 to access the corresponding element
– `r`: open rename menu
– `x`: open skins menu
For technical reasons, saves, gallery, skins and rename menus cannot be accessed on the main menu.
– Dialogue skipping is now interrupted when changing location. A new parameter “Skip after location change” has been added to revert back to the old behavior. If you hate this new change don’t hesitate to tell RNG, he’ll owe Selenyhr a pizza

## Modifications
– Reworked Natsume’s appearance
– Removed the inventory display
– Asami’s love/corruption clothing selection is now automatic

## Bugfix
– Changed some dialogue thanks to the work done by the community on the collaborative translation tool
– Fixed some CG displaying when running

Game name change from Extra life to Goodbye Eternity, Read this: Dev note

## Added
– A few extra story quests for Yasuka’s corruption route, leading to repeatable scenes
– Sound effects for a few animations (also works in the classic version of the game)
– New build options with censored images and animations for the countries that require censor to be applied
– New internal development tools to allow for collaborative translation tools to be used for the game

## Modifications
– Migrated Ren’Py engine version to 8.0.3, which will lead to better performance. Skins made with an earlier version of the engine are still compatible.
– Optimized CGs file sizes

## Bugfix
– Several dialogue fixes
– Fixed Asami not taking money from the player in corruption route if player had the prerequisite amount
– Improved clouds passing by smoothness in most exterior backgrounds


– Save game migration did not properly process persistent data
– Some quests were not properly translated
– Using the “M” key did not work when renaming main character on the initial name select (rename menu worked fine)


## Important information
– Due to the game name change, Android players will need to manually migrate their save files. Have installed both apps, and migrate the content of `Android/data/com.rngeusex.extralife/files/saves` and put it into `Android/data/com.rngeusex.goodbyeeternity/files/saves`
– Due to time constraints, the Russian translation of the game was not ready for the release and has been disabled. It will be available at a later date

## Added

– Corruption story for Yasuka (let her work as a hostess, and finish either of Asami’s paths)
– 5 new locations
– 9 new CGs
– 39 new CG variants
– 3 new animations
– 19 new animation variants (1:18 minutes)
– Trailer movie for the game that displays once at game startup, with an option to rewatch on the main menu
– Veteran start, that allows to start at the end of version 0.5.9 for Yasuka’s corruption storyline
– Added explanatory messages when choices are locked to reduce player’s confusion
– Sprites gallery is back!
– System to improve tracking of player’s progress for each character
– Character overall progress bar on Android quest UI

## Modifications
– Changed the game name to “Goodbye Eternity”
– Changed the save folder. Save migration is done automatically on PC/Mac
– Removed Steam specific elements from the game
– Changed some of the unlock hints in the galeries
– Changed Macumba’s MP3 quest so the player will be less confused
– Reworked all interactive screens to reduce resource usage
– Changed the hover and blinking effects of interactive elements
– Animations replay now offer a UI hiding option
– Changed the main menu
– Reworked the rename menu. It is now usable on Android
– Allowed for default character names to be translated for non-latin alphabet languages
– Removed some unused files from the game
– Removed some unused choices in Yasuka’s love storyline

## Bugfix
– Several dialogue fixes
– Some character placement during dialogue phase
– Fixed an issue with the Skins menu in Russian
– Added a lock to prevent farming Endurance with Macumba when time is locked
– Fixed UI issue with the day name and money count overlapping
– Fixed issues with time management
– Changed Sakuya’s standing in front of the player’s house sprite
– Music names were wrongly being translated within the music menu
– Progress bars for characters now work properly thanks to the player progress tracking system
– Safeguards to prevent menu returns when interacting with elements that do not have any event
– Some UIs with characters list did not properly sort based on character’s chosen names

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