Haishin Game -#Mezase! Kami Erotuber- GYS18

Haishin Game -#Mezase! Kami Erotuber-


Title: Haishin Game -#Mezase! Kami Erotuber- VNDB
Original Title: 配信ゲーム-#目指せ!ネ申エロチューバー-
ID: v23329
Language: Japanese
Developer: Channel Ubai
Released date: 28/09/2018
Version: Final
Uncensored: No
Storage: 876 MB
Other Games: Link


Fujita Inato is a gloomy student during the day, however, on the internet, he is quite well-known for reviewing sex toys on a streaming platform, and sometimes calling prostitutes to test the products.

One day, the platform Inato uses announces a contest where the contributor with the most views will receive 10 millions yens. Due to some circumstances, Inato needs money and therefore decides to participate.

Unfortunately, the top raking is always taken by Tyler, a popular streamer who post videos of his imouto being sexually teased.
Inato decides to use the prize money as a bait to join force with Kisaka Rei, a classmate who does reader modeling, judging that he is not going to win alone. After hesitating, she accepts under the condition that she never shows her face on camera.

This is the beginning of extreme H streaming between two polar opposites, the gloomy guy and the popular reader model.


Haishin Game Mezase Kami Erotuber 1 Haishin Game Mezase Kami Erotuber 2 Haishin Game Mezase Kami Erotuber 3


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