GOCORE Games released a new game called IDLE DEVILS and the version is 0.3.5. The game’s story is about The Demon World was infected with a violent miasma, which caused chaos in the Demon World. The Demon King sealed the infected people in each hell with the staff of stars. 200 years later, the seal of the Demon World was broken, but this time the Demon King failed to seal it, even swallowed himself, and the Demon World fell into chaos again The new king of the Demon World is selected. The one who can seal the seven hells again is the new king.​

Developer: GOCORE
File Size: 324 MB
Version: 0.3.5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

[Game Description]

Idle Devils is a leisure strategic placement game. In addition to rich roles, skills and equipment systems, you can also freely choose the devil to cultivate. Through her, you can conquer new female demons, constantly expand your power, and finally complete the salvation of the Demon World, becoming a real Demon King.


*Rich role cultivation system:

Most of the characters in the game are female demons, and each demon has unique characteristics. Players can freely choose their initial characters to cultivate, and recruit them into their command through combat. Through the role cultivation system, you can make your female demons bigger and stronger!

*Rich skill talent system:
Each character in the game has its unique skills and characteristics. Through learning and cultivating specific skills, we can build a variety of different playing methods;

*Rich equipment brushing system;

In the battle, every time you defeat the enemy, you have a chance to drop the equipment. The equipment will produce different qualities according to the level treasure hunt value. The more high-quality equipment has more affixes, the more chances you have to brush the exclusive affixes!

*. The construction of the Demon World;

The Demon World still has the smell of fireworks. The tavern can purchase equipment and gamble on luck. Gems from gem merchants can make equipment glitter. And that strange alchemy room can always make surprises and surprises!

*The challenge of the Demon King;

The former Demon King was sealed in this Demon King’s Tower, and the enemies inside had already been eroded by miasma and turned into monsters. But higher challenges not only contain unique rewards, but also may find the source of miasma, from which the Devil Kingdom can be saved

*. The capture of the character;

If you defeat the leader in a special level, you can redeem him as a member of the team. However, some of them are “terminally ill” and cannot help dispel them. They can only be eliminated.

*. The fun of hanging up;

Finally, as a casual hang up game, the greatest pleasure is the sense of harvest and surprise after hang up!

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