In the Arms of Euphoria [v0.35] By Marvini

Marvini Games released a new game called In the Arms of Euphoria and the version is 0.35. The game’s story is about is a visual novel with elements of a dating simulator. The events of the game unfold in a boarding school where difficult teenagers study and live. The narration is conducted on behalf of a graduate guy, for whom this academic year will be the last. At one of the parties at the end of last year, he ends up in the hospital with a drug overdose, and spends the whole summer in rehabilitation. The game begins on September 1, when the hero returns to the boarding school with new strength and hopes. The project is a “sandbox” where the main character will have to study, work, hang out with friends and meet girls.

Developer: Marvini
File Size: 804.3 MB
Version: 0.35
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Two new routes with Amalia and Regina have been added. The story with Amalia begins when the main character has a grade of “5” in geography. The story with Regina starts during a part-time job at a café. This location is available on the “Labor Exchange” list from Friday to Sunday.
  • Two new episodes have been added to the literary club
  • Two new episodes of hanging out with the boys in the hero’s room have been added (in the evening from 9-10 pm)
  • Added several mini-games
  • Repeat scenes of spicy moments in the infirmary have been added (after 7 pm). They become available as you progress through these episodes in the game.
  • 38 new animated scenes have been added (for comparison: version 0.3 included 40 scenes)
  • A new hangout has been added in Anya and Vicky’s room (this episode will be the beginning of Julia’s route)
  • The second page of the gallery has been added to the main menu
  • The player in the main menu has been updated
  • The inventory has been updated
  • The quest log has been updated
  • The background music has been updated
  • Version 0.35 has been ported to Android
  • Version 0.35 can offer a total of 5-7 hours of gamepla


  • Added mini-games for electives
  • Added mini-games for remote work
  • During lunch in the dining room, you can now hear various gossips. Some of this is true, and some is false
  • In the infirmary in the evenings, the hero can indulge in memories. (The opportunity to watch a replay of piquant events)
  • Redesigned the store’s interface. New products have been added
  • Redesigned the interface of the info panel. Added inventory
  • Added the first events with Laura and Milana
  • The locations of the women’s dormitory and gym have been updated
  • Implemented a gallery in the main menu
  • Implemented a music player in the main menu
  • 80,000 characters of text
  • 70 minutes of soundtrack
  • 80+ characters
  • 1400+ images and animations
  • 3-6 hours of gameplay

Game Images & Screenshots


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