Inkling Heroes vs Tentacle [v1.55] By Squidrump Enthusiasts


Squidrump Enthusiasts Games released a new game called Inkling Heroes vs Tentacle and the version is 1.55. The game’s story is about Let’s turn back the oncoming squid heroes! You’ve been pranking the girls of Squid World for years. Now the Squid Heroes have found out about your misdeeds! The strongest squid heroes will attack you one after another to exterminate you. Can you survive the onslaught of the Squid Heroes in this desperate situation?​

Developer: Squidrump Enthusiasts
File Size: 169.8 MB
Version: 1.55
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Initial release

Developer Notes:

For some reason, you have the ability to use your tentacles. The mucus secreted by the tentacles is powerful. No matter how strong-willed a girl is, if she gets her mouth wet with these tentacles, she will be inundated with the disgusting secretion and become a prisoner of pleasure in no time at all. You are in a desperate situation from day one. Please take advantage of this ability to survive. Caution: Once a girl has been brainwashed, she will not be able to do anything else. Once a girl is brainwashed, she loses her will and cannot speak. If you want to have a special relationship with your heroes, this may not be the way to go. … but you are dealing with heroes who have a strong spirit. Can you really choose this method when you have to destroy them in a limited number of days?

Fall them with your caresses! You will never lose! Squid Hero Chans vs. If you are confident in your technique, you may have a chance to subvert our heroes without relying on their tentacles. These girls will try to withstand your caresses with their strong mental strength. Touch, lick, penetrate, and use various commands to make them cum. Even though she is a hero, she is really just a squid girl. She may be a bit tough, but she really loves to make you cum

Important Notes:

To change the language to English, click the settings button in the main menu. If the text is too fast, move the message speed option to the left.

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