Interview With April [v0.105] By Baron Vampson

Baron Vampson Games released a new game called Interview With April and the version is 0.105. The game’s story is about Currently, At the beginning of the game (STORY) the player has the option to determine what time they arrive to the interview. At the moment, this function is purely cosmetic, but in future updates I intend for Time of Arrival to determine certain things, E.g.

If the Player arrives early the player walks in on April masturbating and she invites the player to join them before beggining the rest of the ‘Interview’. If they are late, April will become impatient. Examine the drinks on the seperate table, drink Gro +, become a Futanari and then ask the player to “relieve” them. April fucks the player. Etc.

Developer: Baron Vampson
File Size: 381 MB
Version: 0.105
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed Music not Looping
  • Lowered Default Mouse Sensitivity in First Person so that New Players won’t find the mouse moving across the screen at the slightest touch by default
  • Certain Menus Changed/Overhauled to reflect new features/Additions/Changes
  • Overhauled Settings Window Format
  • Resolution Dropdown menu should now properly display current resolution, and be more representative of current choice.
  • UI Sex system interface has been overhauled
  • Overhauled Sex THIRD PERSON Camera
  • Changing/Visual improvements Materials/Textures have been Changed
  • Player third person camera has been overhauled slightly (subject to change/More modifications in future updates)
  • Changed April Underwear (bra + Panties) material to lace Material to better reflect upon Original blender model’s Shaders
  • Various Background fixes/overhead fixes/ optimisations (Ranging from Clipping Issues to Redundant performance/memory usage, etc)
  • Certain Animations have been Rehashed/Reconfigured
  • Sex Scenes now allow for sound support (rudementary for now)
  • HUUUGE Background Script overhaul for sex system and Model swapper integration allowing for changes in sex position/location/different positions (ETC). (very time consuming to implement, apologies)
  • Fix for Bonnie Model — Unable to swap out outfit parts for sex model/regular model & Nude mode getting rid of certain essential parts, has now been fixed
  • Improved Loading Screen Visual Fidelity slightly
  • Changed Menu UI/Visuals

Initial Release

Developer Notes:


  • WASD/Arrow keys – Movement and Character orientation
  • Use mouse/E key to interact
  • Mouse wheel to enter third/first person and to to zoom in/out
  • Mouse to look around
  • Escape – Opens up the menu from which you can return to menu, open model swapper (if using CORE version, etc.)

If you run into any bugs please do let me know, unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to test, troubleshoot/stress test everything so if anything is broken bar what is already listen below please do not hesitate to let me know!


  • At the moment, the model swapper only works for models outside of sex actions. This is a known issue and will be fixed when I get the chance.
  • Loading Screen could use a little refinement (ETC)
    *Currently the model swapper/wardrobe is not configured to work with the sex scene currently in game. Apologies for the inconvenience, I will be working on a solution to this issue, I did try for this release but it bugged out.
  • Fullscreen toggle visuals on the settings screen not working as intended
  • Sex Scene Camera clipping through walls/objects
    And probably some more that I missed..

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Game Videos

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