Isekai Parlor Simulator [v0.7.2] By Studio Echydna

Studio Echydna Games released a new game called Isekai Parlor Simulator and the version is 0.7.2. The game’s story is about It’s a management game, where you build from the ground your very own monster girl parlor. With more Reputation, you will unlock new races, items, perks, and wealthier clients but harder to please. Don’t forget to carefully manage your girls and do take care of them!​

Developer: Studio Echydna
File Size: 57.7 MB
Version: 0.7.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New Race : Harpy, including a portrait and 4 animations (Idle/Foreplay/Sex/Anal)
  • A Gallery Mode
  • A Feedback system allowing customers to talk to you!
  • Various other small tweaks and improvements


  • New Race : Dragonkin, including a portrait and 4 animations (Idle/Foreplay/Sex/Anal)
  • Fix 1 Anim for Lamias
  • Color Adjustments for All races
  • Portrait Variation for Nose, Eyebrows, Scars
  • Pubic Hair Portrait Variation for for all races (no gameplay change and you can’t interact with it for now)
  • Idle Anim Variations with Chest Sizes for all races
  • Reptilian Eyes for Lamia & Dragonkin Portraits
  • New Fancy Pool Room
  • Minor balancing especially the Hard mode
  • Various other small tweaks and improvements

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

  • The demo is still being developped.
  • This is heavily Work in Progress.
  • This version was not meant to be shared to the public, it’s only to setup our Patreon page.
  • Tutorial will be implemented soon.
  • The Demo will be finished near end of January so feel free to come back later 

Game Images & Screenshots


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