Just One More Chance [v0.44] By Lotrum

Lotrum Games released a new game called Just One More Chance and the version is 0.44. The game’s story is about This game wants to be a big and complex sanbox porn-game with character development that you can reset gaining starting bonuses. In this game you play as a desperate, virgin fat guy that in the future manages to become a test subject and gets back in time through a technologically evolving simulation and has a second chance to re-live his life in college, there will be several girls and woman with different level of challenge, different stories, and needing different approaches to seduce them all. SPOILER

Developer: Lotrum
File Size: 786.0 MB
Version: 0.44
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.44 (2024-06-11)

Version 0.44 changelog:

  • (new content)
    Added an option in Danielle’s room that will lead to oral sex (7 new scenes)
    Added the option to fuck Danielle, with the possibility to lose your virginity to her and multilpe outcomes (8 new scenes)
    Added a small scene at the cafeteria’s table where Carol will give you a footjob during lunch with Danielle (3 new scenes)
  • (gameplay and UI changes)
    6 new achievements related to new content has been added.
    Location images should now scale down to adapt to smaller resolutions or mobile users.
    Coding system has been completely rewritten, it now shows colored increases, has 2 more intermediate steps of gains and will now give a LOT more money at very high skill (92+)
    You can now see the total amount of money gained through coding in Character Stats, 3 new achievements related to that have been added,
    You can now purchase a better laptop at the mall, to spend less energy and stress when coding.
    The advanced coding now also provide a small decrease in energy loss and stress gain when coding.
    Lessons system has been rewritten to show colored increases and current total stats
    Work out and Swim systems has been rewritten to show colored increases and current total stats
    Slacking/socializing in lessons energy cost has been reduced from 10 to 5.
  • (bugfixes)
    Fixed a bug giving no way out when failing the intelligence check on Danielle’s room.
    You now can’t buy jewerly for Olivia before even meeting her.
    Fixed 30 september and 1 october being the same day in simulation count.
    Fixed a few achievements not giving exactly the bonus that was intended.
    Lots of grammar fixes, minor bugfixes and other tweaks.
  • (premium)
    Added Danielle as an option in the city studio (6 new scenes)
    Added lesbian content between Carol and Olivia in city studio (6 new scenes)

Developer Notes:

This is my very first attempt at developing a porn game, please be merciful as i’m still overwhelmed by most things and could need some help in figuring out all the things that i’m doing wrong

Game Images & Screenshots

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