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Tearycian Games released a new game called Katalist and the version is 0.097. The game’s story is about The MC getting transferred to a new college following some mysterious circumstances. After a short he gets caught up by some students into taking part in a weird ritual.

Developer: Tearycian
File Size: 3.20 GB
Version: 0.097
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed Flickering Enna pictures
  • Fixed Flickering Fouslet pictures
  • Fixed John repeating event
  • Fixed Miki repeating event
  • Fixed a Blossy scene not ending the Fight
  • Fixed Serpentine having the wrong picture
  • Fixed Vhidna room bugs
  • Fixed Principal’s office hardlock
  • Fixed Ki’s picture stuck on screen
  • Fixed Enna keeping on chasing
  • Fixed Enna not stopping after finishing playing
  • Fixed Inverted down being still down
  • Fixed Lucy not ending the fight
  • Other Fixes


  • Added Serenata
  • Fight&H&Others
  • Can also do all craftings at her place once beaten
  • Added Serpentine
  • Fight&H&Others
  • [Locations: Portal World, depends on stage]
  • Can steal Pennies and Energy
  • Added Alex
  • Fight&H&Others
  • Ayleen
  • Added Scenes
  • Ayleen can now be progressed through by Submitting
  • Few edits
  • Misc
  • Maven
  • Added Scenes
  • Some edits
  • Misc
  • Students
  • Added Scenes to Students and Creepy Students
  • Added Failed Pearl (Mob/No-H)
  • Changed Ratio to 16:9
  • Various edits to existing CGs/Graphics to fit
  • Edits to various Characters
  • -oggles
  • Added “Pegging” Toggle
  • Gameplay Stuff
  • Added hover-on descriptions to battle statuses
  • For both MC and Opponent
  • Added Dodging
  • When already on block position (by input, not by action guard), a QTE for Dodging will appear
  • So, if you attack you can’t dodge, only guard. But if you guard instead of using a skill, you can also Dodge
  • Successfully dodging an attack will nullify nearly all damage, and resist statuses such as stun and bleeding
  • Some statuses may make dodging not possible (there are workarounds)
  • If possible, once Action Guard has been successful, dodging may be possible for the rest of the combo
  • Added Journal tracing on screen
  • Added Shoe Pervert repeatable Quest
  • Unlocked after doing the Panty Pervert quest a few times
  • Fixed
  • Active Guard graphic getting stuck on screen
  • John not continuing the event
  • Miki getting stuck
  • Miki not talking
  • Magentia max stage immobilizing
  • Beverly eating together event
  • Dominic Talk
  • Irated Ghost being invisible
  • Noo not registering Losses
  • Napping being available on half-times
  • Napping resetting the current day
  • Other reported bugs
  • Other/Misc

Developer Notes:

  • Hi, i just started creating this game,
  • i hope that you can give me lots of feedback.
  • I will update monthly. Please, do have fun.

Game Images & Screenshots


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