Kincaid [2024.03 Hotfix 1] By Cookiedraggy

Cookiedraggy Games released a new game called Kincaid and the version is 2024.03 Hotfix 1. The game’s story is about Kincaid is a lewd Metroidvania-style platformer with a sci-fi theme. Our protagonist is an archeologist, exploring uncharted planets and their wildlife! Join our playful and naughty wolf girl Kincaid, as she sexplores flora & fauna and meets new friends (with benefits~) and adversaries!​

Developer: Cookiedraggy
File Size: 164.6 MB
Version: 2024.03 Hotfix 1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Kincaid Build 2024.03 Hotfix 1

Hi Space Adventurer!
There is trouble galore in the jungle and Kincaid needs your help more than ever!

Help Tenby with the Bear Necessities
Tenby needs your help! The Brethren Bellow System (short: BBS) is down again and his brother bears are going on a rampage!
Can you help Tenby get the system up and running again? He has a big juicy reward ready for any helping hands!
This wonderful set of illustrations is brought to you by Reydam!

Defeat Kaha and Her Posse
Kaha has been up to no good and it is finally time for her first intermezzo with Kincaid.
Can you stop Kaha and her goons?
Grab it here:

Hotfix Changelog

  • Fixed: Custom input bindings not loading properly
  • Fixed: Infinite dying on reload bug
  • Fixed: Kaha Bossfight sometimes crashing at the start
  • Fixed: Door chime in a room in the ruins after you have already opened the door before
  • Fixed: Game not saving after defeating Kaha
  • Fixed: Some insects aggroing at the start of a level when they shouldn’t be able to see Kincaid
  • Fixed: Crawling could interrupt a steep slope slide and you could just crawl back up.
  • Fixed: Some huts in the ruins area had the wrong camera bounds
  • Fixed: Pausing and unpausing in the room with the champion shows the animation and the NPC at the same time
  • Fixed: Some insta-death traps double hitting
  • Fixed: Kincaid can no longer grab ledges at the top of the screen and pull herself out of the level
  • Fixed: A bunch of typos in the new story
  • Fixed: Bear spamming his attack when you hit him in the right moment just before his attack
  • Fixed: Game crashing when you pressed H or J in a second planet preview area
  • Fixed: Love making on the bridge is no longer so floaty
  • Fixed: Some enemies walking out of the room and killing themselves
  • Fixed: Wolf gallery not unlocking sometimes
  • Fixed: Sky Scouts Teacher not unlocking
  • Fixed: Two kobolds at the start of the ruins were missing dialogue
  • Fixed: A bunch of issues with the wall critter
  • Fixed: Bouncing on a defeated slime is less janky
  • Fixed: Some animations could not be interrupted
  • Fixed: Collision greyboxing was visible in some rooms
  • Fixed: Some regression bugs sneaking in during a refactor


  • Warning Screen does not exit the game anymore when you press the wrong button
  • Gallery is now split into animations and CG sections and they no longer tie to one another
  • New content has been added to the gallery
  • Added a bunch of more geckos to the levels so they should be more common to encounter
  • Threesome no longer unlocks automatically with the normal animation
  • Elevators in the ruins were annoying to get on to – now they sink a bit into the ground to make it easier to use them.
  • Using flapper outposts now saves the game and sets them as a respawn point
  • Insect enemies are a bit less relentless in their pursuit
  • Added rift that lets you out of the one way trip leading up to the boss fight – Appear after you challenged the boss at least once, weather you win or lose


  • Jumping – A
  • Attacking – S
  • Ducking – Down
  • Rolling – ‘D’ or RT on the controller
  • Sliding – Ducking + Rolling
  • Blaster – Q or B on the controller

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Glitchcaid 2

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