Knight of Love [Part 1 H3] By Slightly Pink Heart

Slightly Pink Heart Games released a new game called Knight of Love and the version is Part 1 H3. The game’s story is about As a young man, you arrive in the small and peaceful town of Moondale, where strange things have been happening lately. The private school for boys, from which you where expelled, left a mark on you; the mark of virginity. Now you need to deal with it! Hook up with girls, build relationships, and find out how your success in such matters will affect the whole world’s fate!​

Developer: Slightly Pink Heart
File Size: 7.29 GB
Version: Part 1 H3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 52 new animations for Ann!
  • 208 new renders
  • New event in MC’s room! (After you finish Ann storyline) (Night) (Repeatable)
  • Two different variations of new Yoga event at day! (After you finish Ann storyline) (Afternoon) (Repeatable)
  • Event in Ann’s room got bigger and got second variant! (Morning) (Repeatable)
  • New option in Ann “roof” event! (Evening) (Repeatable)
  • Both shower events for Ann got bigger as well!
  • New Unrepeatable (yet) event for Ann and Yasmine!


  • Ann shower event will be different depend on a day! (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday is one variant, other days is the other)
  • New options in bath event!
  • New options in Ann’s room event!
  • New content for breakfast/dinner! (You must finish 1H1 and chose Ann after droping the fork)
  • 11 New animations for Ann!
  • 14 New renders!

Part 1H1


  • Part 1/3 of Ann’s route!
  • Some choices you made through Ann’s story will be remembered!


  • 27 new animations!
  • 191 new renders!
  • 60 new busts for Ann in different outfits!
  • 3 repeatable events for Ann at the end of 1H1! [Shower, Ann’s room at day and evening.]

Part 1 G 5
New content:

New pack of Cards (Ogre Bandit)!

  • 3 New H-animations
  • 6 New renders

Rework on Karen pre breakfast/dinner scene at the kitchen!

  • 5 H-animations
  • 8 New renders

Rework on breakfast/dinner scene with Ann, Molly and Karen!

  • 9 New Animtions
  • 29 New Renders

Game Images & Screenshots

WARNING: Saves from previous versions (PART 1D) are not compatible!


Ann animation

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