Land of Yonira [V1] By Spice Lagoon

Spice Lagoon Games released a new game called Land of Yonira and the version is 1. The game’s story is about LoY is an adult, hardcore hentai game, with a focus on femdom and monster girls. The game is currently being developed, and this is the first release! You wake up one day in a world not of your own, in a body not of your own. Discover why you’ve been cast here and what awaits you. Explore a world vastly different from our own, where sexual standards are reversed, and the ladies of the land easily overpower you. This game is made to be an upbeat adventure, leaving you coming back for more. Most content is hardcore f/m, ff/m, monster girl femdom fetish play. If rimming a sweaty centaur is your thing, you’ll be right where you belong.​

Developer: Spice Lagoon
File Size: 157 MB
Version: 1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

No experience making games. No experience with art. No experience with writing. Just a love for femdom. Woke up one day with a plan to write a Female Domination smut game. Downloaded RPG Maker trial and instantly got hooked on the programing and writing. 4 days later I’ve written over 10,000 words of content and “completed” 1 town. I ran into the problem of not having sprites for female characters, so what do I do? Not the smart thing of ordering commissions, instead I order a Huion 12 Pro with zero art experience.

One goal: Make a game so damn lewd that even I can’t stop playing it. Along the way, AI art became a thing, and I’ve used plenty of AI art assets in my game, along with AI assisted writing. The vast majority of writing, some odd 50k+ words is my own works before starting to use AI. It is incredibly helpful and really removes writers block from the equation, bless the world we’re living in.

Game Images & Screenshots


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