Legacy of Hestia [R27] By Winterfire

Winterfire Games released a new game called Legacy of Hestia and the version is R27. The game’s story is about For as long as you can remember, your grandfather has always told you many tales about adventurers and what it means to become one; You always found them to be exciting, and always dreamt of becoming one yourself.

Upon turning eighteen years old, you finally have the chance to join a family and become an adventurer, even if your grandfather will not be there to see you. However, becoming an adventurer is not as easy as you thought… To become an adventurer you must join a family, and all of them seem to be declining you.

After many days of hardship, a goddess approaches you to invite you in her newly created familia, you accept her invitation without any second thought. As the only member of the Hestia’s family, your choices will not only affect your future, but also the future of the Hestia familia.​

Developer: Winterfire
File Size: 4.40 GB
Version: R27
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog


  • Fixed: Dungeon UI can no longer be opened while Save screen is showing.
  • Fixed: When Variable Editor is showing, the input is disabled to avoid unwanted actions.
  • Fixed: Lack of keyboard hotkey for Autobattle (Shift).
  • Added: New setting for battle fastforward.
  • Added: Missing descriptions for Skills and Spells.
  • Added: 5 CGs.
  • Added: 10500 words (~35 minutes gameplay).


  • Fixed: Log UI correctly shows on 21:9 aspect ratio, and some other aspect ratios previously unsupported.
  • Fixed: Dungeon and Battle UI correctly show on other aspect ratios outside of 16:9.
  • Fixed: Status and Journal UI in the Dungeon no longer have an overlay issue.
  • Fixed: Inventory grid being displaced on some aspect ratios.
  • Fixed: Fastforward in battle works once again even outside of novel battles.
  • Fixed: “D” Key in Demeter’s farm minigame.
  • Fixed: Gallery’s page numbers disappearing on windowed mode.
  • Fixed: Hub and Dialogue Box not showing in the thumbnail when saving on R25.
  • Fixed: Minor typos (Thanks Zavarov!)
  • Changed: Fastforward now works as a toggle, and can be enabled or disabled by using mouse.
  • Added: 3 CGs.
  • Added: 2 Characters (Ares, Marius).
  • Added: 10200 words (~34 minutes gameplay).

Game Images & Screenshots


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