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The King is dead, and with his passing, the stage is set for Princess Selena to ascend to the throne in the story of “Long Live the Princess.”But here’s the catch – things aren’t going so smoothly. There’s a whole mess of murder, betrayal, and ominous visions that threaten to mess up everything that’s good. And right in the middle of it all is a tragic tale of personal loss and broken hearts.

So, here you come in. You’re a Truthsayer, pretty skilled at sniffing out a lie when you hear one. With your mentor out of the picture, it’s down to you to protect the Princess when she rolls into town for her big coronation. But hold up, because there’s this sneaky old crone and her feisty little pixie sidekick who’ve got some different plans brewing for you.

Now, armed with this fancy new ability to uncover secrets and turn them to your advantage, you’re on a mission to get close to Princess Selena and save her from her own inner darkness. But to do that, you’ve gotta practice your skills by getting cozy with the ladies around town. Yep, I mean really cozy.

And while you’re on your way to fulfilling your glorious destiny, there’s someone keeping a real close eye on you…


  • Date: 21/July/2023
  • Name: Long Live the Princess
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • Incest Content: Brother-Sister
  • Dev: Belle
  • Mod: Nishka
Updated to v1.0.1 (it was released in march 2023, not recent),
Added Original Version
Added my android ver
  • Added a fan-made Brazilian Portuguese translation accessible through the Preferences menu. I cannot vouch for the quality or stability of this mode, and you might find English text still remains in isolated cases. Translation courtesy of zerodead.
  • If you skip Erato’s training in NG+ as described in the 1.0.0 changelog, the to-do list should no longer tell you to talk to Erato about the Contraceptive spell. This does not fix saves where this bug is already present, but the message can be safely ignored.
  • Added an extra failsafe for the extremely rare cases of stuck map tooltips, cleaning up at the end of each action. This is a case of Ren’py itself messing things up, and my fix might not actually solve anything.
  • Added a failsafe for the achievement popup, closing any that still remain at the end of the day. Again, this might not actually solve the bug, which appears to originate deeper within Ren’py.
  • Fixed a progression issue in Nell’s advanced training in NG+ that allowed you to invite the noblewoman too early.
  • Closed a temporal wormhole in the church that could cause hallucinations of nighttime after searching the place during the day.
  • Getting the benefits of donating to Sister Agnes should no longer unexpectedly award you the Blue Balls achievement as well.
  • Tweaked a few lines of dialogue to fix consistency.
  • Minor gameplay tweaks.
  • Minor grammar and spelling fixes.


Long Live The Princess is one of the old ones as well, but is completed recently. Fantasy themed setting, not as much incest as I’d like, but it has solid siblings content. Game was in development since around 2017 so expect substantial amount of content.

Content: 9000+ Images, (has, but uses picture based animations)


Sandbox, has grind. Gallery unlock file provided in downloads, put it in the save folder, replace if there is a persistent already

SubscribeStar version so no patch for incest needed for both android and PC.

*Android save location now in Documents/INCG_Saves/incg.longlivetheprincess


Long Live The Princess v1.0.1 + Cheat Mod + Gallery Unlock Persistent

windows iconWindows/Linux/Mac Version IconMac(Original):

Apk iconAndroid:

Gallery Unlock Save persistent:

*Original is already kind of compressed, no compression from me.


Last Updated on July 21, 2023

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