Lord Goblin [v0.11.0] By BBBen and his Big Brass Band

BBBen and his Big Brass Band Games released a new game called Lord Goblin and the version is 0.11.0. The game’s story is about In our new game, you play a pathetic goblin slave owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea. Until that is, a spell of hers goes wrong, and now your roles are reversed! Now you are giving the orders to Az’ea and the staff of lovely maids that work at Greenwood Manor. You’ll need to govern your lands, renovate your castle, and train your naïve maids! The game features beautiful illustrations and animations, talented voice actors, and a harem of sexy girls who will slowly learn to love having a goblin as their master!​

Developer: BBBen and his Big Brass Band
File Size: 363 MB
Version: 0.11.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.9.0 change log:

Gameplay & UI related changes:

‘Main Menu’ screen
After the big leap forward in the game design last month, this month we had to tie up a lot of loose ends and get the schedule back on track for early-month releases. Az’ea’s romance story continues, with a flashback and a new conversation in the game, but we’ve also been putting in some effort to polish up a lot of the recent additions to the game.

Major changes:

The full, detailed change log is attached below, and in the game by clicking the version number on the menu screen.

  • A new flashback scene about Az’ea’s past with Lord Goblin, available if you build up her love score.
  • A new conversation with Az’ea, available if you upgrade her study a second time.
  • 8 new holding court events.
  • Further tooltip improvements to make them look better and contain more useful information.
  • Developed and improved the weather graphics significantly, building on the system introduced last release.
  • General tweaking, rebalancing and bug fixing.


Day 2 story scenes:

  • “Giving orders second time”
  • “Az’ea calls Lord Goblin to the bedroom”
  • Day 3 story scenes:
    • “They don’t want to call him “lord””
  • Day 4 story scenes:
    • “This is a shit hole”
    • “Imps break out in the night”
  • Day 5 story scenes:
    • “They notice the crystals”
    • “Imp attack events”
    • “Introducing ritual sex”
    • “Flashback to how the maids got here”
  • New holding court events related to the portal’s power.
  • New voice lines in the Az’ea hand job scenes.

Developer Notes:

Please note, this is a very early pre-alpha teaser! It’s not really a game yet – we’re just showing off the potential of the project. We’ve still got work to do on the main gameplay before we’d be comfortable calling it a full alpha. That said, we’ve already done loads of pre-production work that we’re not showing just yet on the art, animation, writing, voicing and programming, so expect to see more very soon.

Game Images & Screenshots


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